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how do I know where to go??


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Hi All,


I promised a bunch of dumb questions, and I mean to deliver!


Of course all of my experience has just been in the training area and circuits. But one day I am sure I will have my cert and will want to fly around and see as much of the country as I can.


But I just realised... when i land at Bankstown, we just automatically know where to go... right off the runway, down to the school hangar. But what if I hired the plane and wanted to go somewhere else? How do I know where to park? Is there a "parking lot" or some kind of setup for visiting aircraft? I guess in huge airports on a commercial flight, you are told what gate to park at. But what happens for us? Is that soemthing you work out ahead of time, or is it something the tower tells you when you request clearance to land? What about in an untowered aerodrome - just stick it whereever it looks good?


My sponge is currently dry - discuss!





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I guess legally as long as you are off the runway and any taxiways you can park anywhere (so long as it isn't on someone's private property). I tend to arrange things like that ahead of time by calling someone at the aerodrome I'm going to or asking someone who's been there before.


At larger airports it's usually fairly obvious as you'll see all the lighties parked together - you probably know that from flying at Bankstown I'm guessing.



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Contact the airport manager before you fly in. You will find them in ERSA. They will charge you for landing and parking and can provide all the details you need.


When you start flying in youwill need an arrival clearance (into the CTR) and a ground taxi clearance once you leave the runways.


Talk to your school as well as they may be able to offer you tiedowns.


Which school are you with?







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