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Aircraft Pilots @ NatFly


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Hi All


Everyone that is going to NatFly this year don't forget to drop in at the Aircraft Pilots Stand (No 78):




Drop in and have a chat, make a time to meet up with others at the Aircraft Pilots Stand, have a cup of coffee, give me feedback on the site and how it can be made to better suit your needs, use it as a base point to leave bags etc till later, charge up your mobile phones etc etc etc.


We will have loads of discounted pilot supply products from the shop all available to get on the spot like our famous headsets, PLBs, GPS units, Radios, Books and Manuals, Navigation Tools, etc etc etc...in fact if there is anything you need and want to pick up at NatFly, let me know ASAP and i will bring it with me.


Also, my father who always comes and helps is unable to make it this year so is there any volunteers who can spend an hour or two helping out...I would very much appreciate it if you could.


Finally, after NatFly last year a lot of you got together in a thread here and said you wanted to bring your music instruments and have a night time jam for fun...anyone want to organise this by starting a thread and get others to join in?


Hope to see you all there at NatFly 2012



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I am available if you need any help Ian.


I should be there from Thursday onwards, I am helping Carol with "Meet and Greet" on Friday am at this stage.


I will let you know when we get there and we can go from there if you like. :)





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I will not be coming to Natfly this year which is a little dissapointing as I love entertaining children with my Didgeridoos, however perhaps some of you musos could help Ian out in this area. Just a thought.





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Guest Maj Millard

Thanks for the welcome Ian, winsor68 and I will be by for sure, and I look foward to putting more faces to forum names at last. Would be happy to join in a jam but will only have a couple of spoons with me I suppose !!. Weather is looking much better for our long trip south now than it did a few days back, so here's hoping the skygods keep smiling !...The maps you sent arrived today, so thanks for those also 063_coffee.gif.b574a6f834090bf3f27c51bb81b045cf.gif.....083_lost.gif.2c655b36c89d6cff882e0dc8f9fc5e85.gif...............Cheers, chat soon..............................Maj...024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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How about our resident young musso from Cecil Planes with his Saxaphone?


We've all seen your avitar Tomo, and i'm sure they'd all love to be serenaded to sleep listening to 'Moonlight Serenade", or The Dam-Busters Theme, as they try to sleep in their swags under their wings.



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I would really like to be there, like last year, but commitments preclude that eventuality. However my Lightning 7149 (still for sale and under 100k) will be there. Remember this advert from some time ago?





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