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Albion Park Trike Hangar


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Hi All,


I've heard that Paul Haines hangar at Albion Park (Wollongong airport) burned down yesterday morning with numerous trikes and a few very slick ultralights all going up in smoke.


Anyone got more news ???



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From ABC Illawarra News:


Airport blaze not considered suspicious

Monday, 30 April 2007. 12:28 (AEST)Monday, 30 April 2007. 12:28 (ACST)Monday, 30 April 2007. 028 (AWST) Police say a fire which has destroyed two ultralight aircraft and damaged several others at the Illawarra Regional Airport does not appear to be suspicious.


Police and fire brigade units were called to the fire in a hangar at the northern end of the airport at Albion Park shortly before 7:30am AEST yesterday.


On arrival, flames could be seen coming from the skylight of the building.


Firefighters gained access to the building and took more than an hour to extinguish the blaze.


There has been no estimation of damage yet.

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Seems one of the trikes had a bar drop/fall and it made contact with the battery terminals and short circuit occurred.Hopefully not a on going problem with the design. Two planes burnt and a couple of others had the Dacron melt including the sky lights on the hangar.



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Not as bad as was initially thought then.


If it's what I've heard, the trike manufacturer had just issued a notice a few days earlier advising owners to replace the restraining cable for that bar with a shorter version that prevents it from being able to reach the battery.



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Trike bar




Just wondering which 'bar' fell onto the battery terminals?


This happened when no-one was present right?





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It seems it was the T-Bar type handle on the post attached via a safety cable. A mod which needs to be done is to shorten it, so if it comes loose it cannot reach the positive battery terminal and short to frame and the cable melt the fuel tank. [Airborne Trikes]



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Here is the gen (I own one of the trikes in that hangar):-


Airborne Edge-XT - base totally destroyed


Pegasus Quantum - base totally destroyed


Edge-X 582 base - severe fire damage


Edge-X 582 base - moderate fire damage


Edge-X 582 base - moderate fire damage


Edge-X 503 base - slight damage


Streak Mk1 wing - written off


Wizard Mk1 wing - written off


Jabiru SP470 - probable write-off, both wings u/s, fuselage heat-affected


Grumman Cougar - paint smoke and soot-damaged


Super Ximango motorglider - slight smoke damage


Globe Swift - minor smoke damage


hangar roof - Alsynite burnt out, structural members distorted, roof cladding warped.


The T-handle that locks the mast on the Edge-XT was not, repeat NOT, the cause of the fire. There are no suspicious circumstances.


The definitive cause will probably be determined by forensic investigator and possible coronial enquiry.


Investigations are ongoing. Sydney Microlight Centre are back training again with one machine (Edge-X, Mk2 Wizard).



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The Wollongong Coroner has requested a report on the fire following Police investigations.


With deep regret and profound sadness I have to advise that Paul Haines passed away on the morning of Friday 28th March 2008, peacefully, at his home in Stanwell Park.


His funeral will be held at Parsons Funeral Home, Bulli, starting 12 noon on Monday 7th April. Afterwards a celebration of his life will be held at The Kiosk, Stanwell Park.


Apologies for the late notice, I have been away for a fortnight and just got back.



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