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Cairns to the tip, anyone want a charter job?


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Hi, my wife and I are having a drive around qld, and in a few weeks will be in cairns cook town area. I'd love to co pilot a plane up to the tip of Australia and back, either an over nighter or long day trip. It's about 400 Knt according to oz runways.


We would need a 3 or 4 seater as she wants to come.


Just thought I'd post this to see if any north queenlanders with a plane were interested. Seems a shame to drive this far and not see the tip of Australia, and I thought this would be a fun way to do it. I fly a Brumby 610, and I've made some enquiries with a charter company.


So anyone interested or any suggestions from experienced pilots?





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check out West Wing Aviation they do the mail runs around the tip and will take passengers along for the day. Not sure how much but it goes 6 days a week and to different places each day.

I just looked into it myself, looks like it would be GREAT!! Do they run them from cairns at all?? or do you need to trek it out to Mt Isa?



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