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Microlight crash in Hervey Bay

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More news today.




As I have the CTAF audio recorded the aircraft was microlight 948, which appears to be an RA-Aus registered aircraft and was returning from a flight to Moonpoint Fraser Island.


The incident occurred at 0710. Joined a right base for runway 29.


Conditions: Wind 205 11/15kms. Temp 15.3, DP 14.8, rh 97%. There was fog in the area.


Wind was 90 degree crosswind but not strong.



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It may sound fishy, but let's not jump to conclusions. As Motz suggested, he may have wandered off in a daze and be under a bush somewhere needing help.

The 7 local news last evening said the Pilot was injured. Cuts and bruises etc. Witnesses said that it was very foggy at the time??



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Well good news then, not a worse outcome. Until the pilot and police and all that make a statement we may never know for sure, and yes a concern that the pilot had a head injury and was wandering around or under some undergrowth needing rescue.





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OK more info




THE pilot in yesterday's microlight aircraft crash has been identified.


Local man David Lewis was flying the microlight, when he landed heavily, lost control of the aircraft which then flipped over at Hervey Bay airport.


A Hervey Bay police spokesman confirmed Mr Lewis sustained minor injuries in the crash, while his female passenger was unharmed.


While a number of sources were sure yesterday the abandonded aircraft belonged to Mr Lewis, it could not be confirmed by the police until they spoke with him.


The police spokesman said any possible further investigation into the incident would be undertaken by the relevant aviation authorities.



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A good outcome indeed Stew. Thanks for posting that mate.


I saw that trike flying along the bay recently and wished that I was up there in it, however this flight obviously didn't go quite as planned.


Well done David (the pilot) at least you are here to tell the story, thats the main thing.



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awis reported vis was 1200m cloud bkn001 at the time this occurred. good microlight wx, special vfr anyone. cavok at kingfisher 7nm east. joining right base is standard right?? Very lucky he didnt take himself or anyone else out, emphasis on luck as there was no skill involved. Also despite mayors statement that rpt was not delayed because of this, how do u reckon they could take off with bits of alum and fabric strewn across runway.



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