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J160 Kit#14 various with Photos

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Hi Crew


I think I have resolved the main strobe noise problem. When testing I had set the radio to scan a number of frequencies not taking any particular notice of where they were when I was testing.


So today I had a listen at what I would be monitoring if I were flying locally or through the area which would be the YGTH CTAF-R 126.55 at about 25 NM and the Melbourne Center 22 area frequency 126.00 at Mt Bingar about 30 NM and the Narrandera CTAF 126.7 about 15 NM distance.


So I tried those frequencies with the strobe going (the J160 is still in the carport in a brick house with a tile roof) and the result was far better than I expected. I only needed to rotate the squelch knob a further fraction more than the non strobe position - probably only a couple of degrees. There is still a barely perceptible background tick which I am sure I would not even hear if the engine were running - but that will be another story.


I still have to permanently route the strobe 12 volt supply and the copilot PTT cables up the console where the power will split off and continue to behind the pilot seat so that might affect the RFI as well.


Today I bought an "Automaticbattery charger suitable for sealed lead acid batteries" because my 30 year old $15 battery charger gets up to 6 Volts which has not seemed to worry the lawnmower. I tried the new charger today. It was up over 14.7 Volts on my multimeter after a couple of hours and still showing 1 amp on its ammeter!




BTW I just got knocked back by the forum system as I "was noteligible to make a post" - this has happend previously. The first indication is when you try to make the post or to upload a picture file.


The reason is I had double clicked on the icon to open the forum and therefore actually had two copies of the forum running and was trying to update the second copy which would have automatically been locked out by the first copy running.


So I copied what I had already done - closed that copy of the forum down went to the other copy and inserted the copied material into a new post there then tried to insert the jpeg file above only to discover that it still exceeded the allowable size limit of 150 KBytes by 1 kByte. So I had to go and resize it again to be a little smaller.


Actually I can see on the photo that I posed for my wife the radio is running but the strobe switch is not turned on. We had both just had a couple of glasses of wine.


Probably closing either running copy of the forum would more than likely have unlocked the remaining one and made it available for posts but I had wasted enough time already so I did not try that alternative.







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Hi Roger


Did your syndicate new J230 get flown home to Narrandera yet. Tell us about it.


While working on the J160 today I had the radio going and heard a couple of "touch & go calls" from Narrandera from an AC with a lot of background noise. I did not get the call sign.




Ross Arnold



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Guest Roger

Hi Ross,


It was really great to finally meet you the other day - hope you enjoyed the prawns etc! ;)


Jabiru 4815 will be coming home to roost at YNAR this Wednesday, weather permitting. Ian & Kevin are jumping on the RPT on Monday and will be there around mid afternoon. Just think..it could have been me if only I could play paper/scissors/rock a bit better...oh well next one.


One of our sydicate members just "happened" to be holidaying near Bundy so he decided to drop in last Friday and take her for a spin. From all reports it has come up very well. At this rate I will be the last to fly her. 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif


I think it will make a cameo appearance over at Wings over Wagga next weekend everything been fair and equal (which it usually isn't). I know the Captain will be keen to see the results of our outlay. Are you going over? I think there is a car going from the airport on Saturday if you want a lift?







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Hi Roger


Hi Roger thanks for the info.


However I needto accompany my wifeto Wagga :;)5: the day before WOW after an early dental appointment :yuk: ! A few days later I have another couple of drastic dental appointments:yuk: :yuk: .


And I really don't need any more excuses not to work on the J160.:confused:


I will probably weaken and turn up at Narrandera every now and then especially after Wednesday.:big_grin:





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Hi Crews


Sorry about this. I originally posted these pics under the wrong topic. So I copied it then pasted it under this topic where it should have been in the first place. It appears to have worked Ok. I will see what happens when I delete it under the other wrong topic.


Well it did not all work OK. All the text went across Ok but only some of the pics appeared. The first three only appeared as empty boxes with a small red cross in the top left corner - very strange. So I deleted the empty boxes then did an "insert an image" again (the green tree icon buton) for each of the missing pictures.


Some pics of where we are up to a few days ago now.




Co pilot PTT button - packed out to help tank clearance under seat




Co_Pilot PTT Cable Ties_ under Passenger seat Header tank




Radio harness - Header tank under copilot seat- note lining all around tank to prevent fibreglass to fibreglass contact.




Regards Ross











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Hi Crew


A bit more work done today.


Vacuumed the luggage compartment & covered the strobe output wires, the aerial wires in the luggage A & B compartments and some fuel lines.


Made up some new covers for wiring & fuel hoses and put more goo on them than previously because the velcro was coming loose on previously done covers - disaster the goo went right through the felt and is showing up on the other side. They will work but look terrible. I will have to do them again - later! Apply a sealer first then the adhesive perhaps.


Made another mistake. I should have fitted both doors before fitting the instrument panel. It is going to be possible but more awkward fitting the pilot side door. The passenger door was pre-fitted so that the hinge holes are drilled for that side but not the pilot side yet.


I am waiting on a parcel from Jabiru which includes some more 10 gauge wire to make up for some rearranging of the wire behind the panel.




Covering the aerial wire behind the passenger seat




Covering the strobe high & low voltage wiring - the 12V supply is up over the pilot side door.




Pilot side - radio jacks with instrument panel suspended in the foreground




Making up some new velcroed covers




Disaster - the adhesive is showing on the outside of the ones I have turned over and the felt (not Jabiru felt) is a different shade of grey on each side and I have mixed them up!


Maybe I should just put dark curtains on the back windows!


Regards Ross













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Hi Crew


It looks like the white adhesive colour on the back of the covers largely dissapeared once it had dried overnight.




But you can clearly see the colour difference from each side of the felt of the two pieces on the left of the pic - nothing to do with the adhesive!







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After some personal maintenance, work has resumed on the J160 at the end of April 2007.


Some more rewiring was done but not recorded here yet


RH wing has been trial fitted and SS bushes aligned to reduce stress on the strut.


The RH eyebrow has been fitted & epoxied to the fuselage to match the RH flap position.


RH wing has peel cloth removed from aileron position of wing, mounting points for flaps.


Hole for aileron cable installation has been made and 38 mm hole cut for access.


Plywood timber has been purchased to facilitate installing the aileron hinge plate to the underside of the wing.


Some Pacific Maple timber strips purchased to facilitate mounting the flaps and the flap mounting brackets.


Some four plastic spring loaded clamps purchesed a short time ago all failed when opened and used to clamp the trailing edge of the flap to the timber. These four clamps were all manufactured in a country a fair way to the North of Australia.


A 1/4" adjustable reamer ordered to for reaming the flap mounting bushes to suit the 1/4" tubing which must rotate freely in the Stainless Steel flap mounting bushes. The reamer is adjustable from 1/4" up to 9/32" by adjusting hexagon nuts at each end of the reamer. The reamer won't arrive until at least Wednesday.


It arrived with handle Reamer $130, Handle $64


After trial fitting the fuel tank fittings on the LH Wing tank some time ago using a 7/16" spanner as supplied by Jabiru I purchased a 7/16" tube spanner $5-95 to make that job far easier with the RH wing tank fittings.





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Drilling flap support brackets to take AN3 bolts (3/16")




Bolting flap support bracket with temporary wooden spacer to work bench steady ready for trimming by jig saw.




Trim flap support brackets with jig saw




Trimmed flap support bracket




Flap support brackets for two wings




Cut steel flap bushes from 1/4" Bundy steel tubing 2 mm longer than than SS bushes in flap supports.




Bundy bush inserted into flap support bracket SS bush after reaming to fit with total of 2 mm extrusion




One of three wooden supports for each flap before attaching flap support brackets and inserting temporary 2 mm spacer between wing and flap.



















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RH Wing continued - Click on images to enlarge




Holding Bundy steel bush flush with one side of SS flap bush for dressing up by file.




Newly dressed up wing to Flap support bracket ready for epoxy & flock




Checking flap position 45 mm from line through outer edge of wing mountings to edge of flap bracket









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RH Wing continued


Drill the wing flap support brackets to suit AN3 bolts 3/16" & cut the wing flap brackets as marked.


Dress up the brackets by file to sit flush on the wing.


Cut 3 Bundy steel bushes from 1/4" Bundy tube to be about 2 mm wider than the flap support brackets.


File the steel bushes to size and square off.


Set up the wing flap support brackets with 2 mm space between wing and flap for the RH wing and 45 mm from the inboard end of the wing beam carrying the SS bush to the flap support bracket.


Flock inside the wing flap brackets and epoxy on the wing where the bracket seats..




RH Wing inboard flap support bracket flocked to wing after curing




RH wing Centre support bracket flocked to wing after curing


Each of the flap support bracket will be reinforced with three sheets of fibreglass reo epoxied to the bare patch.









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RH wing Aileron base


The RH aileron base was cut to match the recess precast for it in the outboard rear end of the RH wing so that aileron when mounted with hinges on it will be aligned with the trailing edge of the flaps.




Two sets of premoulded fibreglass reos that are part of the reinforcement to be used near each of the aileron hinges




The aileron mounting plate is supported by the wood sheet so that it is held up above the wing recess filled with epoxy & flock.


Each of the three hinge positions will have a premoulded fibreglass reinforcement plus two lots of reinforcement.







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Looks like you've been going mad with your building since your last tune-up Ross.


Congratulations & best regards Geoff



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Thanks Geoff. Not too sure about it yet.


Today rearranged the garage a bit to get a bit more working space around the plane. Got castoring wheels on the wing box and made the garage door wide enough to get the plane out w/o wings (done some time ago). I also started mounting a timber frame support for a wing on its edge on the edge of the wing box and one in or on top of the portable wing box which has been cut back to the length of a wing.




Can sit one wing vertical & one horizontal or two wings horizontally on top of wing box.







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Cleaned up the aileron hinge mounting strip after flocking in place.




After building the frame on the wing box and mounting the RH wing in it, flocked in the three aileron pre-moulded reos for the RH wing. Hard to photograph no contrast between the reo covered on flock & background with flock on it as well.


Also made up drilled spacers to facilitate drilling the holes to hold the hinges on the ailerons at their correct location. Two layers of scrap fibre-glass off cuts from trimming the flap supports were used as packers rather than trying to hold the hinges in place on a curved surface.




Hinge set so space between aileron & wing will be thickness of hinge pin. Hinge held in place by M4 bolt.













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Wed 16th May 2007


Epoxied 2 fibreglass cloths reos to each of the three aileron mounting locations in the RH wing section channel. Then epoxied a long 1250 mm x 160 mm fibreglass cloth inside the channel.


Applied peel cloth inside the channel and used a timber straight edge on the underside and the top of the wing with spring clamps to keep the channel edges true. This took a large supply of epoxy to cover the six fibreglass cloth reinforecements over the aileron hinge locations and the 1250 mm cloth to reinforce the channel.




Ordered more epoxy & hardner from Jabiru.





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Dress up RH wing aileron mounting channel


Using the hinge packers made a couple of days ago so that the hinge can be temporarily mounted on the outside of the channel until all the holes are drilled, prefit RH aileron & drill 5/32" outer holes in aileron hinges first before wing hinge positions. Insert M4x12mm hex bolt & nut in outer hinge rivet positions. Hex bolt is easier to get on & off than the Phillips headed pan bolts using a ratchet 7mm spanner and 7mm ring spanner.


Set hinges so that the space between wing & aileron is equal to the thickness of the hinge pin when the bottom surface of the wing is in line with the aileron bottom surface.


Once holes are drilled mount up hinges using outer holes in each of three hinges with bolts to aileron & wing positions.


Check alignment and adjust if necessary maintaining hinge pin clearance between wing & aileron and even end clearance between flap & aileron and aileron and end of wing.


Countersink all rivet holes so that rivets will be flush with surface.


Cut slots so hinge pin can be secured.


Drill rivet holes and access hole for retained nuts for hinge pin locking tabs.




Outer two aileron hinges in wing channel




Outer two aileron hinges on RH aileron showing CSK holes for hinge rivets and locking tab position











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Mount RH aileron by inserting hinge pins as previously fitted


Check clearance around aileron arm on wing and trim glass to fit


Check clearance of aileron for full control movement using factory templates.


Trim waste with jig saw and angle cut with jig saw checking clearance with templates.


Will dress up edge with flock and file to fit.




Aileron pins in; Dress to fit; Check templates for up & down full & free











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20-05-07 Attended Leeton Aviators Club meeting at Brobenah AF followed by club lunch. Not much flying very low ceiling.




Countersink hinge positions on aileron, sand hinges and fibreglass and then clean all surfaces to be flocked with Acetone.


Flocked in RH aileron hinges and hinge pin keeper retained nuts maintaining alignment.


Set 3/16" CSK rivets with pop rivet gun.




RH Aileron; Outer 2 hinges; Center hinge; Center hinge











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Apply three layers of REO cloth to RH wing flap lever positions.


As temp dropped below 20 degrees Centigrade by the time I had done the job I turned on the fan heater to low setting when temp was 19.9 at about 16:00. An hour later it was still 19.9 so turned it up to high.


Hopefully I will get it to set hard by midnight or so.


23:45 Temp 19.1 still dropping turned heater fan off. I will give it another go tomorrow when it is a bit warmer.


The epoxy is still soft but not sticky so needs more heat for some hours.




RH flap with flap hinges with 3 layers of reo applied and epoxied


Peel cloth inserted between wing & flap to stop them being epoxied together.







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In the middle of last week I bought some 3/16" clecoes plus pliars and ball bearing microstop with countersinks and have some more 5/32" clecoes and a few clecoe clamps on order. I have used the 3/16" clecoes half way through setting up the RH wing aileron hinges.018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif


These tools just make the setting up of the Jabiru flight control hinges so easy compared to how I have been doing them. I just wish I had them from the start of the project but I really did not know how useful they were or how they worked.




RH Wing middle aileron hinge and sharp edge below filled with epoxy microball before dressing up




RH Wing sharp edge behind flap position filled with epoxy microball before dressing up


Biggest problem in the garage at the moment is keeping the temperature as much above 16 deg C as possible and preferably around 25 C during epoxy curing sessions. At the last look it was sitting on 21.1 C and slowly dropping despite the heaters. Another hour or two and it will be cured enough to be safe and will be boosted as other items are completed and epoxied and then cured.


It was still holding 21.1 C at 23:30 when I turned off the heaters and the epoxy was quite solid. After November temperatures of as much as 40 C in the garage will contribute more to that curing but a nuisance as it goes off sometimes faster than you want if you are doing a long difficult job.









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Clecoes, Clecoe Pliars, Clecoe Clamps


some shots of some clecoe tools















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RH wing + LH Wing


Rough dressed the RH flap trailing edge & around flap brackets






Stripped Peel cloth from LH wing for flap hinge positions & aileron mounting position and cut out access hole for aileron cable clamp installation.









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Microstop with Ball bearings


This tool makes countersinking a much happier experience 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif




Major tip: Only do the lock nut up with "fingers torque" set on low.


Viewing from the drill motor side:


Turn the Lock Nut Clockwise to release it














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Prefitting the RH Wing and LH Wing aileron anchors




Now that I have posted these two photos I can see that the two anchor setups are radically different.


They may or may not be OK. I will have to trial fit the cables to see if the mounting holes need shifting to get full aileron movement which cannot be done for the left wing as the aileron is yet to be mounted with its hinges.


I already had to move the LH wing 38 mm anchor bolt access hole to match the location of the anchor bolt holes and to place it closer to the mounting plate to facilitate getting a spanner on the end of the bolt. The sunken rectangular shaped inspection hole is a different distance from the aileron mounting position and the trailing edge of the wing compared to the RH wing.


The slot for the LH wing aileron cable exit is not yet cut.


I cannot check all this until the LH wing has flaps & aileron mounted.







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