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Just wondering if any of you carry a torch in your flight bag? I have been looking at the Fenix brand of torches http://www.fenixlight.com


The basic one which is Model E0 would sell for about $29.95 and the top of the range P3D CREE EDITION is LED. The Fenix P3D has: 9 lumens (65hrs) -> 40 lumens (13hrs) -> 90 lumens (4.8hrs) -> Turbo Mode: 160 lumens (1.8hrs)… plus the SOS and Strobe features and would sell for about $79.95.


Just curious!



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Guest Rocko





Yep. I have a 7 LED mini torch from Super Cheap Auto ;) Had it 12 months, on the same batteries. Cost me $7.99. "Aircraft grade aluminuim", which probably means it ain't plastic ;) Water resistant tho.


Just bought another 4 of them for sticking everywhere ;)


Great little things





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Guest pelorus32

Hi Ian,


I'm probably the world's most brutal torch owner. I can't count the number of torches that I've stuffed completely.


In my view only two torches cut the mustard:


Petzl head torches - you generally want to use your hands when you are using a torch. I've got one with 4 LEDs and a red filter if wanted:




The other sort is the Pelican torches. The same people who make the cases. I have a MityLite™ 1900 and I have been completely unable to destroy it.




Finally I have to admit that I have a small MagLite that's about 4 years old. It has a weakness in the front lens and only survives because I baby it.







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Guest brentc

You haven't used a torch until you've got your hands behind a 3 Watt Luxeon bulb.


They are generally the first choice for police and law enforcement, prison guards and other military nuts and turn night into day! (at the expense of battery life)


I use a basic 9 LED torch from Ebay with Lithium batteries. So far the batteries have lasted for several years. I use it in the plane when out at night, at fly-ins, camping and working on the engine and dash, etc. Quite handy.



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windup torch


I have put one of those wind up torches in my plane with this torch I dont have to worry about flat batterys. If i every have to use it in an emergency





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Guest AusDarren
i have a small torch, but its one of those shake type, single LED thing. no batteries ever

they have a VERY powerful magnet inside them. you probably need to keep it 30 feet away from the compass. may not be the best choice.


I use magnets From inside them at work


be careful:exclamation:



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Ditto those SUPER CHEAP LED torches are the bee's knees.


Once upon a time those led's they used cost about $20 each, that's a single led and how many do they have in the Super Cheap Torches about 7, I think, so go figure.


Does this mean that a Texan or CT may 20 times cheaper in years to come.







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