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Southern Flyin - Where & When?


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The inaugural Recreational Flying Northern Flyin was a success. 26 aircraft plus 1 that didn't land - it went past so fast at about 50ft off the ground several times I don't think counts - I'm talking about the aerobatic Strikemaster display that is ;)


We had a huge number of the public come and see the flyin which is fantastic for promoting and the education of the public in our sport.


A great time was had by all - I presume as I didn't hear not one complaint about anything at all.


We had a great presentation from CASA on Situational Awareness even though most of us didn't see the gorilla the first time in the video clip 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif but it gave those that attended the flyin a great insight into Human Factors that we will all need to start looking into soon to keep our flying privileges.


Great yarns around the camp fire, interesting aircraft, people met, faces to user names and on it goes - I believe it was a great success.


So, let's start looking into our next one - The Great Southern Flyin!


You people will decide where and when we should have it so let's start making suggestions on where we should have it and when.


I will start with my suggestion of somewhere around the Barossa Valley area on the Melbourne Cup Day weekend. This is, in my opinion only, a great flying area, most Melbournians take the Monday off which will make the weekend a possible 4 day event allowing for some wine tours etc. Close enough for the Sth Aussies to come for just the weekend and hopefully even some West Aussies could make the trip. It's not that far as well for the New Sth Welshmen to even be a part of the event.


So what are your thoughts, you decide as it is your event!



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Guys, take a look at Aldinga. Better facilities, we have members there, the locals are keen to support a fly-in, right on the fringe of the McLaren Vale wine district, close to Adelaide for the ladies and aerobatic joy flights on tap.





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Guest Andys@coffs

there are 4 fields that could be considered in the Barrosa area.


1) Truro Flats. Fantastic facilities, an Airfield that anything capable of landing on grass can do so with plenty of room. A group of members that are very friendly and easy to get on with. (Im not a member however) (Google Earth, Latitude: South 34° 23.715', Longitude: East 139° 23.002', Elevation: 220 feet AMSL, Magnetic Variation: 8.4° E


2) Roland Flats. Privately owned. I dont know who you contact or what is needed to use this field. Personally I dont think the field is as user friendly as options 1 and 3, the strip is much shorter than the offerings at 1 and 3, is not flat and points directly at a hill. Its usable but to me is a long way behind 1 and 3. From memory its not on the VTC (Google Earth 34°33'47.29"S, 138°56'59.08"E


3) Gawler is an old WWII Training base. as such the strips are significant and user friendly. The facilities on offer are in some ways better than 1. The only drawback, and its not much of a draw back is that airspace at gawler is a little more complicated as the RAAF Edinburgh Airspace surounds Gawler on 3 sides, however to compensate the gawler website has all the details and maps you'll need to compliment the current Adelaide VTC you'll need. Full details of facilities, including transient bunk houses here http://www.adelaidesoaring.on.net/ with maps here http://www.adelaidesoaring.on.net/VisitingPilots/VisitingPilots.htm and accomodation options http://www.adelaidesoaring.on.net/Documentation/ADELAIDE%20SOARING%20CLUB%20INC%20Fees.pdf#pagemode=thumbs&page=1.


4) Barrosa Helicopters field. Again I know little about this one, nor even if its currently in use (for other than helicopters) It is marked on the VTC (Google Earth, 34°37'7.89"S, 138°54'38.74"E.


Im probably biased when I say that Gawler has the best facilities for a flyin of this type, and is closest to the things that people are likely to want to see and do in the Barrosa.






P.S the gawler website, is certainly focussed on Gliding, however is Ultralight friendly.



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Southern Fly-in.


I should be able to get the use of Benalla Vic. This is pretty central to most of eastern australia. It is a gliding aerodrome ,but there is not a lot of activity most times The natives are friendly. There is plenty of accommodation. The area is generally subject to good weather. The advantage of a site here is that it is accessable to the largest group of fliers. nev...



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Guest pelorus32

I'm with Nev here. I would love to go to the Barossa but it is too far from the bulk - it's like going to Cape Yorke for the Qld flyin.


There are likely to be people from at least The Oaks going to this flyin. The Oaks to Gawler dct - and I don't think many will do it dct - is 587nm. By contrast The Oaks to Shepparton is 289nm dct and what's more you pretty well could do it direct. Gawler to Shepparton is 344nm dct - a little bit further but manageable.


I guess that my feeling is that we need somewhere that is pretty central to a good bulk of people. To go back to our other criteria it also needs to have accommodation and be ASIC free.


Central Victoria seems to be the best location in those terms. Whilst going to Shepparton is a busmans holiday for me I think I could guarantee to you the support of the club and a great time - including easy access to the Goulburn Valley wineries and a range of other activities. There is good accommodation ranging from the caravan park across the road with cabins to motels and I suspect that camping could be arranged. There is also maintenance and fuel on the field. Further it is one of the busiest RAAus training facilities around with 3 full time Tecnams in the RAAus training fleet and around 100 active students - mainly RAAus but also GA and 4 instructors. There is also experience in RAAus to GA conversion.


If you want to do it at Shepparton I'm happy to pitch in and get the thing going, work with the Shepparton Aero Club and get their support etc.


My two bobs' worth.





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Mike - good idea and whilst Shepparton is sentimental to me personally some of the problems we would have to try and overcome would be:


1. Camping under the wing - I will find out if this would be allowed


2. If it is the Cup Day weekend then Vic has a possible extra 2 days available for travel compared to the South Aussies so could this rule out some South Aussies and most likely the Westerners.


But in Shepps favour there is as you say:


1. Experience in hosting such an event


2. A very active club with lots of members


3. On-hand fuel, both Avgas and Mogas


4. On-hand LAME and full maintenance facilities if needed


5. Trained Instructors for a competition


6. A long bitumen strip plus a good cross strip


It's another alternative though



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Guest pelorus32

Hi Ian,


Yeah I though about camping under the wing - I will find out when I'm up there. Also I know that they are more than happy to have campers in the club rooms - which also house the bar ;-). If under the wing is not a go, there is a caravan park (pretty sure it has tent spots) straight across the road.


As for "centrality" I suspect that most of the attendees will be from that sweep Adelaide (and environs) - Victoria - NSW (as far north as the Hunter). In that case the shortest travel distances for everyone are achieved by a central Victoria location. I hear what you say about WA - but wherever we are is a very long way for a (likely) very few.


You also make some very good positives about Shepp. They made a great job of the Try and Fly day and the Great Air Race stopover so they have real recent experience.


Anyway, it's over to the team. If you want to go to Shepparton I'm really happy to get it happening - start the liaison with the Aero Club etc.







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There's a few airfields to choose from in the 'central victoria' region - Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton, Benalla, Wangaratta, Yarrawonga...probably more if I looked at map. From memory none of these are security controlled and all are recreational friendly. I'd vote for Ballarat I reckon, plenty of tourist stuff to do in the local area, airfield is reasonably close to town, I think there's even accomodation huts onsite (I remember reading that somewhere)...and the weather should be pretty good in early November.


It'd be interesting to see a bit of a poll conducted (a graph is easier to read than all these posts :))to see who would fly in, where they're from and where they'd travel to. If the majority of attendees are going to come from Victoria, it makes sense to have it somewhere central for the majority. This area (central / north Victoria) would suite those from Southern NSW, Victoria and the eastern (populated :)) side of SA...maybe even those from Tassie.


I understand the 'cup day weekend' concept that Victorians might travel further, but if the majority of likely attendees are going to be Victorian, seems fair to me to have it closest for the majority...pretty sure the majority of the Camden Haven participants were relatively local.







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Truro is great except for the fact that if you want to do something like Camden Haven and take the bus into Port, it will be a reasonable trip, even just to Gawler.


Gawler airfield has the advantage that it is only a short bus trip into Gawler.


Aldinga has the advantage that is in amongst the wineries. There is a disadvantage though in that you will most likely exceed your MTOW and have a very aft CG with all the wine stacked in the back. Plus the vineyard poles around Aldinga like Jabiru's for breakfast, so numbers on those might be down. :-)


Gawler and Truro have the advantage that they are closer to Wilpena Pound for those interested in doing a day trip up there. The hazard being that if it is good gliding weather, there will be bits of plastic rocketing between clouds or hammering down the ridges at zot feet if it is windy.


So many choices.





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Have J230 will travel anywhere ........ but would like to suggest that Tocumwal be given consideration for its central location, huge strips, friendly Ultralight School, plenty of tiedowns, aircraft friendly town.


Regards Geoff



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Tocumwal, yes, I can vouch for that, but has the situation changed there recently?


The thing I am suggesting is to locate in the centre of the area you want to serve, rather than at the extremity.


SA , Canberra, Tas. Most of Nsw, even QLD.as well as southern Victoria, can easily access central victoria. I have organised Motorcycle rallies in many of these locations, so I am fairly familiar with most of them.


To go further south, will just add extra distance for many fliers. Consider that some may wish to bring some items, by road perhaps?


The weather is better north of the ranges generally ,as well... Nev...



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Tocumwal, yes, I can vouch for that, but has the situation changed there recently? ... Nev...



Yes it's changed but not for the worst.


The old Sportavia has closed but 2 of the key personalities, Eddie Madden and Don Escott, are still totally active.


They have a J160 and a new Sportstar + a very active, enjoyable & professional Ultralight School, and the gliding operations are regrowing.


I recommend that Toc should be somewhere near the top of any shortlist that you blokes are putting together for this Fly-In.


Just a suggestion.


Regards Geoff



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I would like to suggest Kyneton in Vic. The Kyneton Aero Club / Cummins Spinners are holding a flyin on the 24 Nov 07 and it would be great to have all the members of this forum there too. Last year at Bendigo we had 55 Planes and over 100 people.



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