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My Next Aircraft

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Have a look at this new aircraft that is about to enter the Australian market - I think I have found my next aircraft 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


It is called a Dova Skylark and it is going to be at the Bundaberg Airshow August 3-5 2007.


The Dova Skylark is of all metal construction produced in the Czech Repulic. Performance figures range from a 120kt cruise down to a 36kt stall. The Skylark features a massive baggage space rated to 25kg, 90 litres of fuel in wing tanks and has a MTOW of 600kg when registered LSA. This makes it a very useful cruise aircraft as with full fuel and baggage it can still carry over 200kg of pilot and passenger and give a range of 480nm with reserve.


Skylarks are currently flying in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and the Czech Republic. Three of the four pilots of the world famous Red Bull Aerobatic Team ( who fly the Zlin Z-50L ) have the Dova Skylark as their personal aircraft.


With a T-tail and sleek looks it really looks great - can't wait to take one for a test drive.


It was a joint development between Czech Republic and Canada http://www.dovaaircraft.ca


Here are some pictures (doesn't it look magic):











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Guest David C

Looks great ... Surely the fact that the Red Bull pilots fly them as personal aircraft is testament to their quality . Is there an Australian dealer yet ?? , and how much overtime would I have to do to afford one ?? 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


Dave C



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I believe the Aussie dealer for it is Hangar 1 in Hervey Bay Qld


Phone : 07 4124 0324


Mobile : 0419 123 933


Webpage : www.hangar1.com.au


As far as price goes I wouldn't have a clue but I am willing to bet being out of the Czech Republic it would be dearer then the Jab and the difference is that this is all-metal



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Don't know Paul - I just fell in love with the looks of it - when I get a chance I am going to have a serious look at it all though!



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Let's compare the Cheetah shall we?


120kt cruise down to 36kt stall - check (30 actually)


Huge baggage space - check (3 of them)


600kg MTOW - check (as soon as it's legal)


Awesome lines - check


95 litres giving it 800Nm range with reserve - check and check (double)


Price - checkmate.


I win!


Does look beautiful though Ian.



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Guess i will have to go to bundy to see the skylark better seen in the flesh than talk on the forum

Bernie, if you are arriving from the south, best cut your trip short as you want to end up in Hervey Bay, not Bundy ;)


(unless Jab have released a new model this week that I am unaware off and named it Skylark?)





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Chris - they may be trailering it to Bundy???

What???? Is this a plane or a camper trailer????


Bundy is not far from YHBA:laugh:




PS I'll be there!



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Hey, just got this info:


===============start quote


Hi James,


They start in the low $130k bracket not dissimilar to a Tecnam or Sportstar,


but like all other aircraft the price can and will vary heaps depending on


fit out.


The demonstrator was delivered on Wednesday, had the wings fitted today.


Only a few jobs left to do and some paperwork and she will be ready to fly.


Her public debut will be at Bundaberg airshow next weekend.


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.




Mick Ryan


=====================end quote



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The Skylark made it's first Australian flight at 8.00am today. She has done about 3 hours today with no problems. Heading for Bundaberg tomorrow for the Airshow.







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