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Weight Increase to 750kg's IMMINENT

Guest Fred Bear

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Guest Fred Bear

From the desk of RA-Aus






Tha RAAus board confirmed last year that it would pursue an increase in the Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) for sport aircraft.




Our request, progressed by RAAus Executive Director Paul Middleton has now received the approval of the CASA's CEO.




CASA's new policy will now be announced to the aviation community as a whole. Unfortunately we can expect to receive some "flack" from competitors that may not like the change - other aviation organisations! We do not have the weight increase yet, its just another positive step forward (see the news item below from CASA).




There is also no "sting in the tail", as any proposed weight increase will not affect the RAAus or its operations in other areas.




CASA has registered the following legislative change project...




Notification of new Legislative Change Project - CS 06/01 Increase to MTOW




Project initiated by approval of the Group General Manager of the Planning and Governance Office (PAGO) on 19 May 2006.


Recreational Aviation Australia Inc. (RAAus) has asked CASA to establish a new legislative project to increase to 750 kg the maximum take-off weight for aircraft operating under the current CAO 95.55. CASA's CEO has indicated he has no objection in principle to an increase in the maximum weight, but that CASA would need to consult more broadly with the aviation community and assess any risks before legislative change could take place.


This project sets out to consider increasing the MTOW to 750 kg for RAAus operations. This would occur after the proposed CASR Part 103 rules have been introduced, during Part 103's initial post-implementation review (PIR).


The current requirements for operating aircraft under CAO 95.55 restrict the MTOW to 544 kg for most certificated aircraft and 600 kg for light sport aircraft (LSA). Currently, the design standard for CS VLA (formerly known as JAR VLA) allows aircraft to be designed up to a MTOW of 750 kg. This design standard is acceptable under CAO 95.55 provided the weight does not exceed 544 kg or 600 kg depending on the aircraft category. CASA believes that there would be no adverse safety impact by operating these aircraft with increased weight provided the aircraft are certificated to a suitable standard that allows up to 750 kg (such as CS VLA).


However, it is expected that the increase in the MTOW for RAAus operations may be controversial for other sectors of the aviation community and CASA needs to undertake a broad and proper consultative process through this project.


Megan Barby


CASA Regulatory Development Management Branch



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