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Fisher Mk1 weight and balance information.


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Hello Drifter drivers, asking for a friend - wondering if anyone out there particularly those who own Fisher Mk1's would have or know where to get the weight and balance information. Any assistance greatly appreciated.



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The manuals there are as close as I can find. I used 2 bathroom scales for mine and made sure it was level when taking measurements. The rest was just basic maths. (didn't find the RAAus website or tech director helpful with how to do a tandem taildragger pusher W&B.)


If anybody has a manual for a WB upright 582 I would be most interested.





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I just use the data in the A503 manual, there is a mistake in the printing though. In the first section that gives you CoG range, it gives an aft figure of around 55%, this is clearly wrong, but it does sound a lot like 550mm which is around the 33% aft limit.



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