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why i fly a flysynthesis storch

storchy neil

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9 9 07 out to berrigan air strip check out plane warm up and take of for short flight to mates place for coffee .fly over mates place 150 ft agl go round fly over 100ft agl paddock looks good notice power wires running eat west not in the paddock i am going to land in .


go round and set up for land ing 40 degree flap 45 kt 50kts the decide to fly over again and check out said paddock at 20 to 30 ft agl .


fly low flying slow thats when the the two wires that take electricty to his house came in veiw lift left wing to late the wires are on the nose wheel the storch has been arested nose wheel then gives way .


the ground was coming up fast still level full power on hey the storch is still flying no virbration gently back to berrigan air strip at50 kt .


hey the storch is still uder my control now this where the brain stared to work how in the hell do you check the nose wheel didnt have a passanger to chuck out too tell me if nose wheel was still there .


fly along the strip and use the shaddow down to strip does not look good because the nose wheel is not in shaddow do it again still cant se nose wheel in shaddow this is not agood feeling.


decision do i fly to shepparton do i fly to yarrawonga do i land here ow well land here knowing that i can land and stop in avery short distance .


then i got this horible feelin what if the wires had taken out the right hand wheel now that is when i did the calulations again berrigan has now extened the strip so here goes.


i will keep the nose very high and do touch if the right hand wheel is not there i can fly to an other air strip radio off in i go man what a releif when the left wheel touches then the right wing does not go down hey this is looking good now remember that i am landing at 40 45 kt indercated full flap let it roll ok shut down motor stick full back keep nose high losing speed fast shut down thats when the nose went down 8ft to 10 ft on nose thats why i fl a storch s





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Phew - I was left breathless from reading this without any full-stops as sentance enders...


But fortunately is seems that you own full-stop was a safe one; thank goodness as that altercation with the wire could have been very terminal indeed!


Safe flying.





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