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Is this tomorrow


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Isn't the recreational flying industry great where we can experiment with design without the GA constraints - have a look at this - is this the aircraft of tomorrow?




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Flying flea.


Deskpilot, I think it is, In fact I would put money on it ( and I'm not a betting man ). No ailerons, big rudder, hinged mainplane. Sometimes they put differential spoilers to aid x/wind landings. Nev....



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I think that is the version that has ailerons on the rear wing with the fore wing free floating. The only control pitch control being a large trim tab in the centre of the fore wing.


Is there a web link to this aircraft Ian?





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Can't seem to find a website for it but it is called an Acro CLP. The only details I have is:


Description: This is probably best performing of all the microlight Flying Fleas, with perfectly clean aerodynamic lines plus a composite fuselage. The fabric-covered wooden wings are detachable in three parts for transport. It is available in kit form or ready to fly. Price (excl. VAT)52260 € Kit Price (excl. VAT)16800 € Empty weight (EW, kg):280 Wing span (WS, m):8.50 Wing area (WA, m2):17.6 Tank capacity (TC, litre):45 Engine (Eng):Rotax 912 Power (hp):80 Max all-up wt (Wmax, kg):472.5 Number of seats (St):2 Maximun speed (Vmax, km/h):250 Cruise speed (Vc, km/h):200 Stall speed (Vs0, km/h):63 Climb rate (Vz, m/s):- Fuel consumption (FC, l/h):- Class:FAI-ML Certification (Cert):-


hoto1: Photo2:Not avaliable. CategoryHomebuilt Manufacturers DescriptionNot a new design but unavailable to the public for some time, this staggered-wing aircraft will be back on the market in 2007, if the plans of the manufacturer come to fruition. Empty weight (EW, kg):- Wing span (WS, m):- Wing area (WA, m2):17.6 Tank capacity (TC, litre):35 Engine (Eng):Rotax to Continental Power (hp):35-65 Max all-up wt (Wmax, kg):450 Number of seats (St):2 Maximun speed (Vmax, km/h):170 Cruise speed (Vc, km/h):160 Stall speed (Vs0, km/h):60


Name:Acro Alias:Acro Address:Aérodrome de Mâcon-Charnay City:Charnay-les-Mâcon Postal_code:71850 State:


Phonecode:+33 Phone:(0)6 03 19 94 97 Fax:


Email:[email protected] Homepage:


Contact:Yves Croses Country:FRANCE Category:Fixed-Wing - ML / LSA Manufacturers Aircraft:CLP [Fixed-Wing - ML / LSA Manufacturers]


Airplume [Homebuilt Manufacturers]



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Ian's first photo above is the "Akoya" from "Lisa Airplanes" in France.


The one piece wing swivels to a fore and aft position along the fuselage for minimum storage space.


The aileron / flap extends back out behind the rigid part of the wing to increase wing area by a claimed 70% using a textile to fill the extended area.


Has been tested in a wind tunnel and possibly in flight.


The wheels are retractable.


The fins extending down are hydrofoils for amphibian operations.


Claim is that it will fit into the European ULM catergory.


Either has flown or is to be flown in 2007.


Google "Lisa Airplanes" and get the Google translator on the job unless you read french.



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Successful maiden flight for the AKOYA


This flight follows a two months of intensive tests campaign. This summer, a series of short flights at low altitude validated taxi, take-off, landing, roll out, engine air cooling and flight controls efficiency. This August 22nd, the test pilot considered that the AKOYA was ready to make a complete cycle: take-off, steady flight, landing. The flight lasted more than 15 minutes and the AKOYA flew a course between lake and mountains, closed to LISA Airplanes facilities.The prototype A of the AKOYA is fitted with computers recording almost 40 parameters in real time (speed, attitude, temperatures, control surfaces position…).


Only ground-water-snow amphibian airplane, AKOYA has a range of 1.500 Km (620 Nm) and a maximum speed of 300 Km/h (168 kts). The engine is a 100 hpRotax 912 S.


Full story here.... http://www.airframer.com/news_story.html?release=959



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Thanks for that Downunder.


The Akoya, the MCR series, the Delta Dart / Bateleur and other advanced European concepts in the Ultra light and LSA class aircraft really do highlight the very inhibiting effects that the American LSA class restrictions, such as the 120 kt limit, are having on the development of advanced concept aircraft.


Not much point in designing something out of the ordinary if you can't sell it because it doesn't fit a major market's design limitations.


Sure, not many of these advancd concepts aircraft will be sold but they point the way for the herd behind to follow.


As we can already see, american market LSA designs are becoming very me-to-ism with a whole plethora of very similar and even boring designs coming out.


Perhaps one physical design limitation only is needed, that of the current 600 or say 750 kg MTOW and then go for it you designers!



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