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Gday and advice

Guest Robbo

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Guest Robbo

Gday fellow aviators


I have been lurking for a while in these forums and really enjoy the wealth of information available.


I am from a GA flying background(no knives please:), but have a growing interest in the recreational flying scene. The apparent reduced costs, newer aircraftand flexibility you guys seem to enjoy interests me.


I have never flown an ultralight before and am from the north west Sydney area. Can someone give me some advice as to a good place to start??







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G'day Robbo,


All the things you mention are real and available .... so do it.


My main advice is to have a good chat with the various schools and find an instructor whose company you "enjoy" and with whom you get-on easily.


That makes it just that much more "fun".


My 2nd advice would be to do an intensive live-in course if you have the dough available, even if you have to travel to some of the country locations to do that. If that is of interest I can offer a strong recommendation.


Hope this helps as I am pretty new myself.


Regards & welcome aboard





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Guest Robbo

Thanks for the reply Geoff


I am thinking about converting from GA to R A Aus certificate and to hold both licenses.


From what I read itis5 hours minimum to convert from GA.??


What do the dual license holders do about logging time. Do you guys use the same log book for GA & RAAUS or have seperate books.? Interested to know.







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I am an Ex Ga flyer as well, and have now been a RAA flyer for 7Yrs! conversion is approx 5 hrs. i completed my conversion in a Jabiru in the minimum 5 hrs. and have been flying it ever since, the only time i ever get back into an Archer is for by BFR. my RAA hours exceed my GA hours


If you already have an Unrestricted PPL, then you only have to so 1 short Nav to get the cross country endorsment, or if you are still GFPT level, then its only 3 or 4 navs for the cross coutry.


If you are GA PPL, then you can still fly RAA aircraft everywhere you can with GA or VH rego, including CTA if you have a transponder fitted.


As for log books, i just continue to fill out the one book, the only difference is the aircraft type and rego, there are still a few Archer hours and VH-XXX amongst my Jabiru and 55-0940 entries.


all hours on your RAA licence are the equivelent of GA time. so 200 Hrs GA time and 200 Hrs RAA time is a total of 400 Hrs GA time.


Being from sydney myself originally and flying from YSBK and YHOX, i went to the Sydney jabiru Flying school at Hoxton park. there is also 1 Jabiru and instructor at Warnervale, and there is a few schools and clubs at The Oaks.



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G'Day robbo.


There are two main Ultralighting venues in the Sydney Basin.


For a currant GA pilot, Hoxton Park would most likely suit your location and the flying enviroment would be familiar while flying Jabirus.


If, however, you are looking for a more grass roots situation, you should come down to The Oaks where we have two schools flying, LightWings, Drifters, Lambada's, Skyrangers, Bantum's, oh and more *** <strike>Gondala's</strike> Jabiru's. 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


As for log books, I keep all my flying in one book, but then I only do about 1% GA and have no intentions of claiming my hours towards a job at QANTAS ;)





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Gidday Robbo,


Hope you enjoy your new path in flying into the blue.


Have fun.


regards Arthur Withy.





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Guest Fred Bear

Welcome Robbo. As Arthur says there are a few options there. If you want friendly, fun flying and no attitude and nil waiting time to take-off (usually), come down and say g'day to us at The Oaks. There are a couple of flying schools there that you can have a look at. Thanks for not crossing out the Bantam this time Arthur! ;) Look forward to being back in a few weeks. I really hate this plaster on my leg 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif :yuk:



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