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Guest Flight Instructor

Hi All,


Just saying Hi after registering.


I am an RAAus Senior Flight | Ground Theory Instructor in Ballarat (ie J160/J230). Did my CPL(A) via the RAAF Flying Club system and learnt to fly/NAV a Piper Arrow III like CT-4. Did a stint as a Flight Dispatcher doing e-flight plans for Boeing, Airbus, BAe a/c (ie boring).


Any questions on VFR NAVs, "Oval Circuits" etc. please ask. I am not an expert, but I love flying.





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Guest Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor


Hi Matt,


Sorry to confuse, I think that my 1 FTS QFI's 'moonlighting' as GR II instructors tended to take their training style into the Piper Arrow and Bellanca Decathlon we used to fly as if CT-4. I still fly that way and teach my studs. that way.


Big on workcycles (attitude-lookout-attitude-performance) and MDR for Nav stuff. Our hangar is the first off the RWY36 threshold|YBLT. Not big on civvy 'greaser landings' either.







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