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Did my first taxi yesterday

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From personal experience with my RV, don't be in so much of a rush to the finish line you stumble at the last hurdle... First flight seems "so close" but I still missed bleedin' obvious things I should have picked up on...

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Once I've nailed down the brake pedal issue. I'm starting from page 1 in the build manual to check everything but, bolt, split pin and cable. Then more shake downs. I'm in no rush anymore. I'm almost not even excited. So I can happily just taxi it for the next month before I get the final inspections down 😄

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4 hours ago, facthunter said:

 Doesn't the tailwheel steer? . Jack each wheel up in turn and feel how the brakes are applying. I forgot, are they cable? Nev

Cables, with a springy connecty thing. I guess for damping of major directional shifts. Also allows the wheel to swivel backwards when pushing. Bit of a pain, mind .


The brakes are more or less hydraulically sound. Issue is I can't reach the right hand toe pedal. Hence I'm basically only turning left 😄

I've got a tip from a fellow Bushcat owner, and he's done what I've been thinking - bolting a rubber door stop to the toe brake pedal. 


This is more or less the one. A matco




Anyway, this thread is more about showing him off (all my cars have been a 'he' for ever. So it will be with my plane) than fault finding 

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