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instrumentation ?

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Well i am putting together a little list of bits and pieces i might need if the X-Air Hanuman goes ahead. i am working out what i will need, what i will want :) , what it will all cost :( .


what is everyones idea on instrumentation ? this is what i had in mind... and please excuse me if i am wrong with some of my ideas this is what i am here for... for you all to proof read my so called set up...




(correct me if i am wrong ASI,VSI and ALT are static instruments and require no power whilst the electronic turn co-ordinator and directional gyro only require DC power)


i decided an attitude indicator whilst nice would be a waste of time as i will always be under VFR, and before you say it i want a DG as i feel they are easier to read than a standard compass.


engine instrumentation would be (for rotax 582)


Engine rpm With built in hour meter,water temp,EGT.


and lastly battery voltage and was thinking of a charging ammeter? and xcom 760 radio?






Adrian Lewer



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Everything is available from Clear Prop except for the xcom which I won't stock but I do have the microair.


Have a look at http://www.ming-da.com/product.htm


VSI - BC-2A - $195.00


Altimeter - BG-3E - $290.00


Manifold pressure - BYJ-3 - $160.00


ASI 20 – 160 Knots - BK-15 - $186.00


ASI 20 – 120 Knots - BK-14A - $186.00


Compass - CM-24S - $104.00


Turn Coordinator - BZW-4B - $481.00


Artificial Horizon - GH030 - $570.00


EGT Gauge 2 stroke - EGT002 - $ 65.00


CHT Gauge 2 stroke - CHT001 - $ 65.00


EGT Probe (each) EGT Probe - $ 44.00


CHT Probe (each) CHT Sender - $ 19.00



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Guest aircraft1

Again, get in contact with X-Air, when i brought my X-Air as a package i saved a few dollars and ended up with about 1/2 my instruments FREE and a heap of other good stuff FREE



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You will have to have a compass to be legal, although I agree that a DG is easier to read, it is useless without a compass as you have to set it to Magnetic or whatever and then keep re setting it to match the compass as time passes. This is due to precession and also the fact that the gyro thinks it is in space and the world turns around beneath it.


The ASI is not strictly a static instrument, it works on air pressure, but dynamic rather than static. It does not require a power supply.


The turn co-ordinator is getting into the luxury area, but fine if you want to spend the money. I use the old rule of thumb and guestimate bank angle to get a rate one turn. Speed in knots divided by ten, then add seven for angle of bank. ie 60kts = 60/10 plus 7. which is 13 degrees. This lets me divide angle to turn by 3 and do a slow count of the number of seconds and straighten up roughly on course. No chasing the compass and it is dirt cheap.



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Guest airsick
Everything is available from Clear Prop except for the xcom which I won't stock but I do have the microair.

Why not stock the xcom? It is far superior to the microair. Walking around Narromine this year and all I heard were grumbles about the microair (not quite that bad but not far off though) and my experiences haven't been much different.


Ferret, stick with your original list. You will be much happier with the xcom. Or at the very least, if you don't buy an xcom get an icom instead. :)



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hi all thanks for the replies. i do fully understand i will need a compass and will be installing one and learning to use it properly, i just forgot to list it in my list of things to buy........(after all i will need it if my DG goes dead)


WOW has clear prop got these on the website... if not get them on there IAN.... (i know you are busy but i almost overlooked clear prop and would love to buy from the store to support the site)


i have just learnt something else, is XCOM the better radio ? i have heard some shocking radio calls lately and love the radio in the jab... i will endevour to find out which one it is and will probably stick to it.


aircraft1 i will be buying just the kit from them at this stage but will have to have a look at the site again but i think the prices are a bit old... but before doing anything and when the time comes i will send michael an email with what i want and get a confirmed price.


so the list sounds good ?



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Guest airsick

I think most of the problems with transmission clarity come from the wiring of the radio. Using crappy wiring, having a bad antenna, even bad headsets can make a huge difference.


Just a couple of weeks back I was talking to a guy who had a complaint about his transmissions being a bit noisy and hard to read clearly. He simply replaced the windbreak on his headset mic, adjusted the mic gain and away he went. No problem with the radio at all!


That said, I have had personal experiences with a couple of failures in the radio itself when using Microair gear. Never had this with an xcom or icom (not to say it hasn't happened though). I also don't like the layout of the microair. I find other radios are set up better.


Just my two cents.



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Guest Rocko

Check out the latest edition of Pacific Flyer. They published an article I wrote a while ago, on Building a Kit. All my info on my Hanuman project is in there.


Also still have up the link to all my pics of the constrction online, I think. If you want the link, let me know.



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