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Why a penguin?

Guest Fozzy

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Having completed only 19 hours towards my PPL and the factthat nobody I have met has been silly enough to give me their plane.The penguin and Ispend most ofour time on the ground.


I may change my avatar whenI do get my PPL but haven't decided which animal would best suit this stage of my progress. I'm happy to take suggestions.


I have always loved flying but always considered the adventureto expensive to get into. My wife bought me a trial flght and nowthe family budget includes my flying lessons.


I would like to get into sea planes and I am interested to hear peoples comments on the advantages and disadvantages forplanes with floats and floating hull planes.


Living in Roebourne Western Australia there are a lot of mud flats in the area. I remember reading somewhere that an Allegero with floats could move along the mud. I am unsure if it could take off from the mud. If you can suggest any other planes that work well at sea let me know so I can dream about them as well.


Better stop typing now as nobody ever reads long posts.



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Hi Fozzy - welcome to the forums and always yes we do like to read about experiences no matter how long the post is.


Your a lucky one with your wife buying you a TIF as when flying consumes your life as it does you can always blame her 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


Anyway have fun flying and join in to the great discussions here.



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Welcome to the gang Scott.


What could be a better float plane than the CT? That's right, CTs come with a floats option. Having never flown, or even been in, a float plane I have no real comments of value, however, the RA-Aus mag (Dec/Jan and Mar 06) has a good article by Barry Wrenford (one of my instructors). It should be worth a read for you, you can no doubt obtain back copiesthrough the RA-Aus office.


Enjoy your flying ... what better way to spend your spare time?





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Thanks Paul for theinfo on RA-AUS magazine.


I normally buy any magazine if it has an article on sea planes.I didn't realise the CT has that options so that also gives me another lead to research.


Sorry I was abit slow replying to yourposts I went away on holidays and forgot the URL address of the site when I returned.


I was almost going to post a new introduction.



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Thanks Jetgirl,


I like looking at the plane avatars and trying to guess if theauthors of the posts own the planes on their avatars.


I'll keep mine as an animal for now as it will help me spot my own posts. Not that there is many of them.





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Hi Fozzy, Storch are at this very moment fitting floats to one of their planes. as soon as it gets the go ahead it will be flying all over the country as a demo I will keep you posted. Also the Rampos has just landed, it would be ideal for mud or rough water, look it up on the web or contact Rod Tyson at Redcliff .freeflying regards Mike



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