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CASA Cost Recovery


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Received an email from CASA today about their 2nd stage of cost recovery:


Have Your Say on Charges for CASA




Dear aviation




On 1 January 2006, new fees were


introduced for CASA’s regulatory services in line with the Australian


Government’s cost recovery guidelines. The second phase of cost recovery, due


for implementation from 1 July 2007, is now underway and includes a review of


CASA’s costs and fees.


Before any changes are made,


CASA will be embarking on a thorough consultation process with the aviation


community, seeking feedback on whether existing charges should be reviewed and


how any new charges should be applied.


As part of that consultation


process, CASA will be conducting a series of public forums across Australia in


September explaining why and how future charges will be determined, and will


also invite industry members to provide feedback. This consultation process is


designed to ensure the public and the aviation community have the opportunity to


comment on proposed changes before they are introduced.


While CASA is obliged to recover


costs, and charging for our services will remain, we are constantly striving to


improve the way we do business. Any reasonable suggestions about proposed fees


will be considered, recognising that cost recovery is a government policy.


Importantly, we invite your suggestions on how CASA can improve the way it


delivers services to the aviation community in the most effective and efficient


ways possible.


We look forward to everyone who


has an interest in CASA's second phase of cost recovery taking part in these




Please find attached a poster*


showing the dates and locations of these free forums. Seating is limited so


bookings are essential  RSVP by email to [email protected] or [email protected][/u], or telephone 131 757 during business hours.[/u]


If you are unable to attend the


forums, you are welcome to provide your feedback by email or post. Full details


of CASA’s proposed fee changes  including how to submit feedback  are


available on the CASA website at www.casa.gov.au/corporat/fees/[/u] .


Yours sincerely


Betty Edwards


Chief Financial




Civil Aviation Safety






*If the above file cannot be opened, please view




using this link: http://rrp.casa.gov.au/briefings/06_costrecovery.pdf[/u][/i]



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CASA should start with internal Cost REDUCTION before chasing everyone else for the recovery!


forcing total cost recovery on the aviation community will only destroy it if the costs it have to recover are too large.....


so the consultation should be regarding casa costs reductions first.



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Guest Prometheus

IMHO it's no wonder the current Govt has a massive surplus to play with and it's not about good economic management.


Years ago the DCA (Dept of Civil Aviation) then CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) were government funded bodies. Our taxes (mine and yours) paid for a public service that had a "community benefit".


What this Goverment has done is to make the public service charge for it's services to tax payers already funding the services (now there's a mouthful). And here we are complaining about a GST on Fuel Excise (taxing a tax), the Government has applied this "Taxing a Tax" principal to all the departments it could. We're paying for the services through our taxes - then again through the Deptartments own charges - and "something smells rotten in the nation of Australia".



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Look at the bright side. We can now call ourselves a Banana Republic with pride. Surely, at the current cost of bananas this would be saying we're a wealthy nation?


You mention double dipping. Before retiring, Gwen and I ran our Sawpit Creek caravan park business inside Kosciuszko National Park.Visitorshave to cover their Park Use Fee to get inside the Park (currently @ $27/day/car) under the guise of a user pays fee for infrastructure costs. Our business was leased from the NPWS. Part of the lease conditions required that we provide and maintain theSawpit Creekpublic picnic area, toilets, water supply and garbage disposal at our cost w/out any means of cost recovery. Also as part of the lease agreement the NPWS was entitled to levy our buisness (around $50k PA)for what they called Community Service Charges for provision of water supply, sewer treatment, and garbagetip facilities in the Sawpit Creek area. So the public paid the Parks for the facilities, we paid the Parks for the same facilitiesand we provided the service to the public. After a while one just gets numb to the wayGov't operates, esp when there is no course for redress.Oh yeah, we also had to buy annual park entry permits for each of our cars to drive to and from home. Too bad if anyone came for a personal visit, they paid too.


It's so easy to become cynical when dealing with the Public Service. PaulN



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Guest Kitfox 4004

WellI would say the government needs to get their end in order first.


As I understand it they gave all these local airports to local councils together with funds to run them plus in some cases more money again for upgrades. Now these greedy local councils want to close the airfields down and pocket every thing despite their beingI understand legislation or agreement that these airfields were to be maintained. I now hear that it has been done behind the ministers back.


If all this is correctI think CASA have no right to pass on any charges until this is sorted. I for one am not happy paying for what is being taken away illegally. Are you ? And I'm not happy paying CASA for what it's not correctly overseeing. I think we need a union to stand against them. A fair deal please and no bullying.


If we continue to lose airfields charges to us should be reducing not increasing. Fair go !


Rex Shaw



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Having recently returned to general aviation after an absence of about 40 years, I am staggered at how avaricious the government have become when it comes to charging for their “servicesâ€Â!<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Back in those days the government actively encouraged young pilots by every year providing a number of flying scholarships sothey could attain a Commercial Pilots License. Most documentation (AIP’s , visual flight guides, RNAV charts, TAC etc) was providedto all pilots at no charge. (the only charts one had to pay for were the WAC charts). There was no additional fees for medicals etc etc etc. Having to replace the ERSA every 3 months is criminal when you consider the few changes that are made……and yet we all have to pay up as we are required to carry it. If Air Services (and what a misnomer that is) want pilots to have these documents, then they should be provided free or heavily subsidize them. There is no encouragement for Air Services to do things economically as when they feel the need, they just jack up the prices to cover the COST (sic).


I guess priorities have changed…the government would rather hand out $4000to unmarried mothers for every baby….even when they have multiple children to different fathers and end up spending the money on a trip to Bali or the latest ‘plasma’.


Ugh….don’t get me started!



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