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g'day guys


saw a sticker ages ago that made me chuckle, tried to find one, no luck, so i had a bunch made up - it reads - REAL MEN FLY TAILDRAGGERS


sticker is red capitals, letters only (no background), letters are 20mm high, total sticker is 40cm long


they don't fold well so i will post them in a standard envelope (cut between real/men) in two pieces, that gives you an option of how to mount them anyway


i was told they are good quality material (5 year life), if i sell them for $5 inc postage i will make a dollar or two at the end of the day


and yeah i know ya aint supposed to send cash in the mail but a five buck note to me via snailmail is the simplest way, who's gunna know













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real men


well ya know i thought learning to fly that lil beast was gonna be a doddle - it's just another taildragger fer crissaake.....well, not really


here's me with my 30 years of aviation experience, flying in army aviation aircraft in and out of trees without doors on the acft (fixed and rotary wing), building and flying radio control aircraft (powered and gliders), skydiving, paragliding, working as a crew chief on hot air balloons, building a top class flight simulation system for my computer, and reading everything i could find on the subject of aviation, including meteorology and aerodynamics........and then.......


strapping on a Drifter and finding all of that amounted to diddley squat


trust me guys, there is NOTHING like arguing with wunna them lil devils and eventually getting them to do what YOU want them to do (instead of them doing what THEY want to do - which is the OPPOSITE of what you are trying to achieve)


and those lovely lil Drifters, i tell ya, they are the most wonderful lil hairyplane the Gods of Aviation ever invented - so full of promise, so hard to master (I'm a LONG way away from that) and without a doubt the most fun a bloke can have with his pants on


here endeth the lesson


btw, i'm quite fond of Drifters, tis why i got the stickers made





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G`Day boleropilot,


I gather you love the Drifter so much, I thought I`d show you mine.


I just finished a complete refurbish on it,a month ago and it flies like a dream.









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G`Day Ross,


Thanks and yes it is getting pretty old but with all I`ve done,it`s as good as ever,It`s put plenty of guys in the air over the years and an enormous amout of people have had joy out of it through introductory flights.


I hold a level 2 for my AC.,and I make the skins,this is the third set I`ve done and I can do them for a 1/3 of the cost the only problem is I get slower every time, is that telling me something,am I getting older also,lucky the Drifter doesn`t get any slower 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


Frances said to say HELLO.002_wave.gif.62d5c7a07e46b2ae47f4cd2e61a0c301.gif







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hey Frank, looks like a real sweet lil machine


i'll let ya know when i need new skins m8, they look brilliant


btw, where is your airfield? give us the lat/long so i can check it out on GE


cheers m8





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The strip is on our property and if you check out my blog you will see the property and the surounding area.










Regards m8,





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nice place !


geez m8 you have got some setup there


now i am a plotter, i'm always making plans for the future and most of them never come to fruition - but... i would love to drop in to say g'day sometime, but i would like to do it with some mates


how do you feel about a visit from the Flying Tigers at Boonah? twood be a long trip but a beauty, the guys fly Drifters (with the occasional Savannah and Jabiru)


they do all sorts of trips and take all their gear with them for overnighters, i'm a newbie there so haven't had the fun of joining them on one of their trips as yet


twooden be overnight, trip like that takes some planning, but it something i would like to add to my List of Things To Do


watcha reckon ???





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Frank , I also have a cert drifter WB503 recently refurbished by myself and a lot of phone advice from Wayne. A few questions if you please. What degree pitch blocks are you using? I'm finding with a 14degree block is great by myself but as soon as a pax jumps in and the day warms up the bum falls out. We live in a little micro climate of rainforest and mountains so get quite hot & humid during the summer days as I would imagine your place does. Would it be a feasible solution to change blocks for corresponding seasons?


Regards jordy



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G`Day jordy,


You haven`t told me what gearbox or the make of prop and number of blades that you`re using,so,I`m assuming you`re using a 60 inch,3 blade Brolga.


If you`re getting the correct top end RPM then there`s realy not a lot you can do because if you go down in pitch you will over rev and if you go up, you will reduce RPM and you may make the situation worse.


When I started instructing I had a 503 with a 2 blade wooden prop,same results as you, so I quickly went to a 582 with the E type gearbox and a 60 inch,4 blade Brolga prop with 17 degrees of pitch and I found this combination the best for all conditions.


Now that I`m retired from instructing I decided to go back to the 503 and a 60 inch diameter, 3 blade Ivo prop.


The Ivo prop has variable pitch and is quickly and easily adjusted,on the ground, simply by turning a shaft in the centre of the hub, this allows you to set the pitch relative to the power of the motor,it comes with bolts and bolts straight on to a rotax gearbox.


Finaly,I`m afraid, for humid hot days, your answer is, "A lighter load".




Frank. 002_wave.gif.62d5c7a07e46b2ae47f4cd2e61a0c301.gif



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Thanks Frank. I thought that may be the case. You guessed right with the prop, 3 blade 60 in Brolga gearbox has 2:24 ratio and all revs are correct even after deleting the infamous Rotax tacho exaggeration.:faint:Still gotta love that 503. one up its sooooooooo sweet.


Thanks again. May PM you later to grab some more info if thats Ok!!











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Refurbished Drifter.




It looks like you`ve done a great job,feels great when it`s finished,doesn`t it.


I got into rec flying,23 years ago, by building,from scratch, a copy of a Chinook WT2,before I even knew why they stayed in the air,I put the cart before the horse,I simply wanted to get up there while I could and I wouldn`t change that if I could.


It was pensioned off about 18 months ago,had a lot of fun in it, I did.






PS. Ask as many questions as you want,I`ll try to answer.



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