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Books for reading over the xmas break

Guest ozzie

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i like to read a fair bit and if anyone has read a good book lately they wish to recommend please post it on this thread.


some books that i have read this year and recommend are


"Packers Lunch" a very interesting story of the complexities of who controls the money you lost in various investments.


"One good Run" the legend of Burt Munro real story of the worlds fastest indian.


"The Last Explorer" fasinating story of Australian explorer Herbert Wilkins


"Jimmy Stewart - Bomber Pilot"


"RA Bob Hoover 'forever flying'"





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Chickenhawk - author ?? - real life experience of Vietnam Huey pilot. Excellent read.


The Killing Zone - Paul Craig - Good read on why the majority of aircraft accidents occur in the zone between 50-350 hrs and how not to become a stat.





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If you haven't read


The Flying Doctor by Clyde Fenton, you should. I love that book, he's number 4 on my list of heros :)


(True story of a flying doctor in NT before the RFDS got there. Very funny, and a lot of making fun of CASA in between doing very serious important work. Lots of crazy flying things there too)


And of course the complete Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy :thumb_up::thumb_up::thumb_up:



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I have read two Brian Milton Books-


Chasing Ghosts and Global Flyer. Both about his long distance trike flights. They are a bit of a "look at me" books but a great read anyhow.


I have the book "The best I can be" by Alana Arnott on my shelf. Has anyone read it as I havent had a chance as of yet?question.gif.c2f6860684cbd9834a97934921df4bcb.gif



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Chickenhawk - author ?? - real life experience of Vietnam Huey pilot. Excellent read.Scott

The author is Robert Mason & it is a classic



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Guest Flyer40

Another classic book of the same genre as Chickenhawk is 'The Ravens' by Christopher Robbins. It's about FAC pilots who flew in "America's secret war in Laos".


Locally I'd recommend 'Aiming High' by Jon Johanson and 'The Luck of the Draw' by Ted Sly DFC, MID.



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I saw the movie " Worlds Fastest Indian" which, I think, was based on "One Good Run". A great story about one mans determination to succeed.


It was from this story that I developed my interest in Lemon Trees.006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif;)keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif





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I can't remember the exact name of the title but the book on the rescue of solo race sailor Tony Bullimore from the southern ocean was a great read.


the Superhawks series by Mack Maloney about a secret special forces group who revenge the attacks on 9/11



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Guest beachbob

Fate is the Hunter


If you like stories about airline flying during its golden era (30's to 60's) you've got to read "Fate is the Hunter" by Ernest Gann, probably our most famous airline pilot here in America. He wrote many fiction books that were made into movies (e.g., the High and Mighty, Island in the Sky) but "Fate is the Hunter" is non-fiction and relates a dozen or so flying stories that are so vivid you'll be hearing the roar of the big props! I know the book is still in print. I guarantee you will really like it. Bob from Virginia Beach.



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I've just been lent a book from a friend, It's called "THE LIVES OF KEN WALLIS" Engineer and Aviator Extraordinaire, by Ian Hancock, 4th Edition.


I'm only half way through at the moment, but It is certainly a great book so far...:thumb_up:


Attached is pics of the front and back cover....







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If you are interested in reading about Ultralights, I would reccommend


"Gerties day out" by Eve Jackson


"An Angel in the Cockpit" by Vijaypat Singhania


"Flying from my mind" by David Cook


and a book which should be compulsory reading


"Propellorhead" by Anthony Woodward



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Guest andy3209595
The author is Robert Mason & it is a classic

Yes, Chickenhawk is very good. Mason's little known followup 'Chickenhawk - Back in the World' is nearly as good.


Just finished Bob Hoover's auto - mentioned above. Also fantastic...



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I also have just finished Bob Hoovers autobiography, a great read. Flying the Edge by Mc Alister I think is a very good non fiction, text book. Not about flying the plane called the edge, but about STOL mainly.



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I would highly recommend the "Killing Zone " as well. This is a great book, and a great reference. I haven't finished it yet, but read it from time to time, try to absorb it and really learn from other peoples mistakes. I find that there is too much information, too reflect on to read it very quickly. Definitely not like a novel, ie; read it quickly and throw it back on the shelf.



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Although I usually read Science Fiction, I sometimes find some interesting 'Action(?)' Fiction with flying as the theme.




To that end, a great book I read many years ago was 'Free Flight' by Doug Terman.


This story puts you right in the pilot seat and you almost sweat with him as he flies an RF-4 motor glider in an escape adventure.




I then discovered Richard Bach (he owned a BD-5J, among other things) and the range of books he's written include;


Johathan Livingston Seagull, a testament for seagulls, also done as a movie,


A Gift of Wings, a collection of short flying stories,


The Bridge Across Forever, an early semi-autobiography,


One an introspective,


Illusions flying fantasy fiction;


And a range of other books.


Bach's writing is a mix of narrative stories about flying and personalities with a hint of spiritualism aimed at helping people to believe in themselves, and to strive to better themselves in life.


Having said that, it probably wouldn't pay to learn more about the man himself after leaving two wives and a range of kids!





















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Guest Maj Millard

Top of my list for a many years now has been 'The Spirir of St Louis", Charles Lindberg of course. If I had to go to hospital for six months that's the one book I would take with me.


Also read most of his other books including 'The wartime journals of Charles Lindberg' which is also real good, dealing with some operational flying in PNG in P-38s, whilst he was well into his late forties. His wifes' books wern't bad either, she was a better writer than he.


Just recently read all the books I could find on the life of Howard Hughes (of Houston not Ballina) right after seeing 'The Aviator". The man still facinates me.


I have always wanted to read Bob Hoovers' 'Gentleman, you have a race', and Ozzie if you come up here to Townsville in the Lazair for a beer, I'll show you one of my prize possessions, me and Bob Hoover at the Reno Air Races, and he even has his arm round my shoulder. I know that is a breech of International Man rules, but I made an exception there. My one brush with an absolute aviation legend.


Thumper, I do have an early book by Amelia, I'll get back to you on it ok.


Hey I must find a copy of 'Killing Zone', even though it sounds like luckly i'm well out of it. 024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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