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RAA Helicopter?


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95.10 has no limits on engine type or number. It has no requirement to have a propeller or only 1 of them.


95.10 could have a version of the wright flyer - 1 engine 2 props


95.10 can have 1,2,3,4 engines and propellers eg a heap of model aircraft engines


95.10 can have jets


95.10 has a wing area mtow linkage that’s going to limit the practicalities of what you can do and of course a land based aircraft in the category is limited to 300kg mtow


Now if someone wants to join up and build a 95.10 twin like a small Wellington bomber or a mosquito I have a group of wae342 engines ... 12kg direct drive 26hp each.



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ELAAA - the alternative to RAA - intend to cover recreational helicopters, when they get approval from CASA. Might be worth contacting them, they have a facebook presence. They are going for 760kg and ultimately 1,500 kg to take in the RPL market.



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