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The Ugly Award!


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Yes, is the simple answer,but it looks interesting with a roomy easy to enter with good side & forward Viz cockpit. The wing & rudder both look like they mean business too. Got any more details Ian? Nev



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Guest Fred Bear

So would this one Dave (with the 2 stroke). You want to hope they make some sort of noise though:laugh:. Looks like great vis and plenty of room but not, eer, the best looking machine:confused:



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I should point out however that as ugly as it was, as a single seater with a 582 up front, it performed like a Pitts Special! ;)


It was later given the usual treatment of doors and body work and an extra seat.


It may have even grown an extra wing at one stage? :ah_oh:


Still, I should be careful about ugly planes, someone may find a photo of MY first ultralight. :yuk:





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