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Pilot Pete

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Guest Maj Millard

I can tell you personally as can Ozzie I'm sure, that it is no damn harder flying an UL twin Vs a single. Just twice the fun............I'm sure the Cri-Cri would be no big deal either because the engines are so close in.



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So I take it a Cri-Cri is out unless it is VH registered and you have a twin engine rating on a PPL license. Its a pity because they are nice and small, relitively cheap to build and have a decent stall speed due to Junkers style flaps/flaperons and get along at a pretty good pace on nothing better then a pair of glorified lawnmower engines.



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Toss the two strokes and fit the small RC turbines. flys better and more reliable.


yep has to be VH rego just another peckerhead example of our STUPID system.


Is that a Scottish Pioneer in that photo.





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