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Damaged Jabiru Purchase - Your Advice & Help Please?


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Hi Everyone


I am currently considering the purchase of a damaged Jabiru and was hoping to get the opinion of people who might know a bit more than me about the repairs required and the cost.


The Jab in question can be viewed here:


Jabiru SK For Parts or Repair - eBay, Aircraft, Aircraft, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 09-Dec-09 09:01:07 AEDST)


From what I have been able to gather the engine 'should' be ok and if so the main items that seem to require repair/replacement are the windows and fibreglass on the underbelly. It also needs one new wing, landing gear and struts.


If anyone could give me some advice on whether this looks repairable and what the approximate costs would be it would be really appreciated.


Many thanks,





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Repairing Jabiru's


Nearly all Jabiru's can be repaired. My preferred option would be to have it repaired at the factory. The damage does not appear to be very extensive, but it will have more value if it is repaired at the factory, I feel.. Nev.



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Chris ,


The wing carry through beam is a critical member and without close examination it is difficult to determine its integrity . The same can said of the lower carry through beam that takes the wing load via the strut .To replace these would generally be considered as beyond the scope of the average home builder , and they are in place before the kits leave the factory . The other bits and pieces ( elevator, struts , wings etc. ) can be purchased , and you would need to have or develop skills in fibreglassing . I have seen aircraft at the factory in this condition , and certainly they can be repaired , and the carry through beams can be replaced but , once again by the people that make them .Their positioning in the fuselage is absolutely critical and is done in a jig . There is also considerable work involved in replacing the w/screen and of course a full respray . Both wings may need replacing for one reason or another . The prop has struck something , probably under load and the engine will need a complete stripdown . It is an older model engine , and at worst will cost around $15,000 to replace . Interestly the SK is getting on now and yet the Rego appears to be recent . Maybe one of those 5+ year kit builds with low hours . I also seem to recall that this model with the small rudder, lacked some authority , although having said that , I did my licence in an LSA with the same size rudder and it seemed to be OK to me . These are just my initial thoughts , as much more detail ( component costs etc. ) and close inspection is required , desirably by someone with intimate knowledge of Jabiru's and composite construction . Just finally there are many 'good' Jab's for sale in the mag. each month , which may not have been subjected to this sort of treatment , and may end up costing a lot less than this . Do you know if the a/c was insured ? , maybe the owner was paid out in full . Caveat emptor !!!


Bob ( J160 kit builder )



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