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G'Day Ian.


That yellow BD-5 is now at Canberra, but I don't think it's ever flown?i_dunno


An earlier AUF member build one up as a 'BD-5J' (jet powered) and got the engine to run, but then sold it to the US.


I know of 3 finished airframes that were in WA, two that actually flew, one of which suffered an engine failure at takeoff and bellied in, catching fire and injuring the pilot.


Some good footage on



from Serpentine in WA prior to the crash.


In the 70's, the BD-5 was my favourite aircraft and eventually I managed to get most of a kit, a year later I got most of another kit, and a set of plans.


The BD-5 is too hot to fit into the ultralight category (even the long wing), and I have determined there are numerous little problems associated with the structure (not altogether fatal, but could have been done better)


Some time in the future when I'm really retired, I'm planning on reconfiguring the kits into something that will fit the 19-XXXX category, but that's a way off yet....








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Have Flight Test of BD-5.


I have a Flight Test done by a guy in an Australian aircraft and published in an American magazine, but I can't post it 'cause it's 1.3 Mb in size. If anyone wants a copy send me a message with your home email and I'll get it off to you. Very interesting article.



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