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I got my EPIRB.

flying dog

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Yeah, ok, you get the idea.


It is a....... Aqualink 350B


I'm not complaining. I won it in a raffle.


But looking at it, the clip is a bit silly as it leaves the buttons on the outside and so can be bumped. If it was around the other way when clipped it would be a lot better - IMHO.




Anyway, I was thinking - yes I know that is dangerous.


How about a little bag for it? But what kind of material? I was thinking that thin rubber stuff like wetsuits are made of. Neopreen (spelling?)


A nice RED one.


Any comments/thoughts?


"Normal" material can be easily damaged/torn. I guess I could go out and look for people who have thrown out old leather lounges and use some of that material. ;)



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Who knits nowadays. The cost of wool puts the finished article up above what you can buy from an Asian sweat shop. I don't think my wife has knitted in the last 10 years and she also stopped sewing for that reason. Pity a she doesn't look quite as smart.



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