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Airborne Streak 2 USA accident

Guest ozzie

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By the video it looked like the wing was still attached.


From what the witness said, he saw the guy fall out of the trike, kicking his legs! with the trike spiraling to the ground


He didn't see the girl fall out, and her body was found quite a distance from the other guy.


Makes me wonder if it was purposely done, a disgusting thought, but why would two people fall out of a perfectly good plane? One a bit before the other...?



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I is it possible they are referring to the trike being seperated from the wing?

The wing still appears to be attached in the photos of the wreckage





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The wing still appears to be attached in the photos of the wreckageJohn

Yeah... I looked at the photos after I posted. It is just so hard to imagine the people seperating from the aircraft when it seemed to have so little damage. Strange.



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Pilot screwed up


If the reports of the pilot attempting a loop are correct then the occupants falling out is probably the result of not strapping in before the flight. I doubt the seatbelts failed. Either way, anyone who attempts a loop in a trike is in serius need of a good wack to the head.



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Crikey,That report reads like a list of everything we were taught to avoid, if we wanted to live when flying a trike.


And not having a pilot certificate!!!:hittinghead:


Words fail . . . 087_sorry.gif.8f9ce404ad3aa941b2729edb25b7c714.gif

Unfortunately they don't have a monopoly on stupidity


Here is a link to a list of US trike accidents and causes




Important for the quick looker is the comment by the compiler at the bottom


"I’ve gone through everyone of these accidents and in every instance but one (the 5/29/09 North Wing accident) the NTSB found the pilot at fault. And even in the North Wing accident I am willing to bet that the pilot either put the wing together incorrectly and/or did a poor preflight, which will make it pilot error too. Some of these accidents had gusty conditions as mitigating circumstances but again, it is the pilot’s job to know the weather."




"• My Safety Advice is don’t be stupid. I am reminded of that old adage, “there are old pilots and bold pilots but no old, bold pilots.” This certainly applies to trikes. We are flying very safe machines provided we fly them within their design parameters and within our skill range. As you bring the pilot and/or aircraft to the edge of their performance capabilities the risks go up. If you are going to “explore the envelop” do it by yourself and not with a passenger.




On another mainly US trike pilot forum there is a list of serious accidents


for year 2009 up to August 2009 when posted.


There were 12 crashes - that's 1.5 per month!


10 deaths, 6 serious injuries


and to quote exert from the compiler


"You can see 40% of the accidents were people refusing to take training or some kind of ground loss of trike or going to full power accidents. Surely those accidents are easily avoidable, obviously."


the link is below but I think you may need to be a member to fully view


trike crash - Forum - Trikepilot Social





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