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Aircraft suitable for training large student

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We have had some very big gentleman in our Sportstars at Gympie,who have continued on to learn how to fly with us.


Hope that may be of some help.





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Guest drizzt1978

When you mean big? Do You mean like extremely big, My old instructor must be 6'2 ish and broad, My mate is 6'4 and he went in the 170 with me for a short nav the other day, no probs..



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Some people are just heavy - but not so bulky. Others are really bulky but less weight. If the student can't fit under the standard seatbelt - then they are too bulky. If they can't reach controls due to their size - then they, (and not the aircraft), need modification before they can be trained. If you can't get 1 hours fuel + 45 mins reserve into the aircraft with said heavy student - then it's not a realistic proposition.


And yes, I have had to have a very frank talk with at least 3 students about their weight and mobility. They have yet to return for further training - but I'm comfortable with that. It's a lttle akin to the saying that you need to be cruel to be kind. As an industry, I believe CFI's need to maintain a standard.


happy days,



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