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  1. I noted that there appeared to have been a positive response (86% odd support) to the CASA request for feedback on the proposal for MTOW increase. Does anyone know where the proposal is at and what the next step will be? I realise timing guestimates are just that. I'm keen to transfer my aircraft across, although there does not appear to be any maintenance benefits that I was hoping to see. I am still hopeful that given that the aircraft would no longer be certified (I assume), it may allow some flexibility with respect to what you can install, eg: A non certified version of a G5 or Av
  2. Does anyone have a good Insurance Broker they would like to recommend (VH)? I must say I see insurance as a true benefit of RAA membership, but it does not apply to VH sadly. I have been using BIS and BSP in the past and both quote around $2k for a $60k aircraft (3.3% of hull value). Anyone else have better rates with someone? I have around 700hrs, TW, NVFR, CSU and no accident history and looking for a better deal...that obviously still pays out if something does ever go wrong of course! ;-) THANKS,
  3. Spin training under the hood? Or just unusual attitudes? I think spinning under the hood would be exceptional! I have done unusual attitudes under the hood and on a very black night with no ground lighting. Fortunately the Instructor was as nervous as me at night, so the unusual attitudes were not that unusual at all :-)
  4. I fly Mangarore which has a high number of engrish speaking students and you do become accustomed to it. That said, I often have a lot of trouble deciphering the anglo students as well and must admit to stuffing up the odd call myself when I have been focussed on one thing or another. If i think I need to know what was said and could not understand the call (aussie or asian), I have no issue asking them to say again, sometimes asking that they say again s l o w l y. If there is an instructor on board, they will often chime in and always seem to correct mistakes as they occur. I'm not s
  5. Unfortunately there are plenty of reasons for Peter Doherty to publicly state he is optimistic for a vaccine, even if he does not really believe it. There is also far more evidence to suggest that a vaccine is unlikely to be available any time soon and even when developed, there is no guarantee that the virus will not have already mutated which it will do over the course of time. SARS is a good example of what can happen (ie no viable vaccine years later), although there are reasons why a vaccine has not been vigorously pursued in that case. Using the more common flu as an alternate examp
  6. Actually TurboPlanner, you are 100% incorrect and there is absolutely nothing to suggest we have the current outbreak has been caused by people 'pushing boundaries' - let's be clear, that is your own speculation. The only absolute is that the overseas quarantine was a debacle in VIC and that has definitely led to infections and has been traced. More speculation. There was also a very large BLM rally with 40k ppl in attendance that were largely not social distancing, which coincidentally occurred approximately two weeks before the outbreak. But that also had nothing to do with the outb
  7. TBH, we all seem to fly at different times, although Brian Ham has set up an email list, so I'm happy to share on that. Cheers
  8. As a relative newby to the site: 1. I found it by accident and originally thought it was US based due to the web address and nearly did not join. 2. I swap between mediums depending on what I am on. Laptop, this site, iPad, it will be FB. Its not the site, its just the convenience. The email reminder is great and that is what normally brings me to the site
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