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  1. I use a quality silicone spray such as WD40 professional, lubrication benefits would certainly outweigh any negative effects. if your in a very dusty environment then perhaps not but to each his own. a small amount of grease on the tow ball sme theory but it should be degreased and changed every so often depending on environmen..
  2. I would be in on that, i did do the MW Fly heavy maintenance course in Milan was excellent
  3. Take it out and give it an hour at high rpm 2950, they love it and that will clean the cobwebs and rust out , then change the oil and filter
  4. An3 an4 and an5 penny washers are also useful to have on hand will get you out of trouble, As well as AN (a)bolts and nuts ,Cotter pins. The washers can be uses up to a maximum of 3 per bolt if you have to but preferably buy the appropriate lengths e.g AN3-4 and so on keeping in mind between 1 and max 3 threads should be protruding from the nut.
  5. i have an A 200 radio and as i am not familiar with it am wondering if anyone can tell me if the intercom function is supposed to have a constantly open mic? works ok but a lot of noise transmitted as picks up all the ambient noise.
  6. watto

    Savannah stall.

    Stol and super stol wing's can develop flutter in over speed and fold, its not designed for horizontal speed only vertical lift.
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