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  1. Apart from the mis-pronunciation of ADS-B (adsbee) this is quite an instructive reconstruction. If the time stamping is fairly accurate I am unsure how a pilot who was aware he’d just gone from 2000 fpm climb to a +2000 fpm decent can still be communicating calmly with ATC.
  2. It's not something I've tried but it doesn't look hopefull (I know it's not exactly your question) https://ozrunways.tenderapp.com/kb/frequently-asked-questions/can-iphone-tethering-hotspot-give-the-ipad-a-gps-position-no-and-here-is-why
  3. Scenic around Cairns on Sunday (24/5/20). Very quite with not another aircraft to be heard. Here’s a shot of Cairns Airport from (almost) over the 15 threshold at 1000ft.
  4. Obviously there were a fair few holes in the cheese. (o.14% being a very big one). It is also noteworthy for us recreational flyers that this was a private operation and therefore more than likely not subject to the same level of scrutiny as an AOC operation. As private / recreational flyers we are probably less likely to come to the attention of CASA until something goes wrong, and certainly we have no chief pilot to be accountable to ona day to day basis. With that in mind we should make sure we look at our flying with a critical eye, stay current, be honest with ourselves and de-bri
  5. update. I’ve just discovered another complication. If the waypoint exists as part of the standard database on ozrunways but not on the Garmin (eg a helipad) it is dealt with differently with each of the formats. FPL format will completely omit the waypoint completely when it’s imported, GPX format will import the waypoint as a ‘point’.
  6. I use Ozrunways on an iPad primarily for planning and use the Garmin Aera 660 for inflight navigation assistance (heavens forbid we should use it for actual navigation). After a lot of frustration and an inability to find any documentation on the subject I’ve done a heap of testing using an SD Card and thought I’d report my findings here, it might help someone else. The first part is the same: Format SD card - I used SD from eater free app for the mac. I am using a tiny ancient 8Gb card as the garmin files are very small so don’t go spending a fortune on a card. Create flig
  7. James_4870


    New. Years day 2020 flight over the Daintree
  8. I’ve had a constant issue with headset hanger in the 47 as there is not much in the way of attachment points. After ponder for a while I’ve come up with this solution (mk1 at this stage). I’ve adapted a ram mount with a small piece of aluminium bar. I decided to leave the ram ball on there to keep its function as a GoPro mount. Might help someone with limited options.
  9. nice. Those caps must be a collectors item by now! ??
  10. I found this on another site. I don’t know if it’s a real quote or not but either way I can relate ?? "Helicopters are different from airplanes. An airplane by its nature wants to fly and, if not interfered with too strongly by unusual events or by a deliberately incompetent pilot, it will fly. A helicopter does not want to fly. It is maintained in the air by a variety of forces and controls working in opposition to each other, and if there is any disturbance in the delicate balance, the helicopter stops flying, immediately and disastrously. There is no such thing as a gliding helicopter.’
  11. such a shame. it’s hard seeing photos or derelict aircraft, seems such a waste.
  12. Hi Eric, What a great shot! Barry is PIC for the first entry in my logbook, 10 Dec 1990. Learnt to fly with him in YMBA over the following 8 months finishing my CPL in August 91. Great bloke and I loved every minute of his instructing.
  13. Hey, I did notice your name was on them, a mammoth effort, well done sir! I believe someone has just put together a J in Bankstown (vh-utz), not sure of it’s history but maybe one of the TAA or Ansett ones. Yes feel free to use any of the photos and let me know if you need a bigger file size and I can whizz it through by some other means. I look forward to reading it. Cheers
  14. Ok, I promise not too many, perhaps just a quick video of a departure ??
  15. sure is, am lucky enough to have a very short walk from home to hangar.
  16. Maybe we can change that. This is my Bell 47 located in FNQ. Such an iconic aircraft but no entry in the showcase section, maybe we can change that too.
  17. James_4870

    Bell 47 VH-ANG

    Some photos and videos of the most iconic helicopter
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