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  1. Planing a drive fly holiday next year up the strezelecki track with my microlight. Im looking for a map that shows the privite homestead airstips will use the road where possible but would like to keep my options open.
  2. does anyone know what happened there today involving a light aircraft.
  3. He is in the air mate wouldn't like all that water braver man than me.
  4. Chris im in the process of building a 4x4 trike trailer at the moment to take up the birdsville track and beyond I would be interested in hearing of any good spots for camping with somewhere we can take off and land.
  5. Hey Aaron, when ya going top pop a vid up of your trips around Cessnock mate, looking forward to seeing how the camera going for you....
    1. aaron roberts

      aaron roberts

      Im due for sevice in 5 hours, going away for a week with trike when i get back will be doing service got plugs, oil and filter allready.
  6. Maybe we need to test the fuel for Ethanol not sure but wouldn't the PH tell us this?
  7. Eric nice vid what camera and software are you using i think i need one of those
    1. Ronin


      Hey Aaron, it's a GoPro HD Hero Naked $259.99US + postage was still cheaper than local, you just need a camera mount and i got that from the as well. When I am there next i'll have it with me have a look, i got it from the states dollar better, really quite small just have a bracket from Airborne on control bar and just sits there, press to start and press to stop. The software i use for that is Apple iMovie.
  8. Hey Aaron, nice bunch of photos mate, nice leg shot as well. lol. Eric
  9. I’m interested in taking my trike down to Lake Eyre in September not sure on were to get accommodation and a strip to fly from any ideas?
  10. G'day Aaron, hows the flying going - say hi to the lads up there at Rutherford. Regards Jon Kick
    1. flyingfooty28


      Mate, was lucky to be able to take my aircraft away with me whilst in Townsville last year with work. Just clocked up around 80hrs since finishing the 19hrs instruction with Chris. All is well. What about you mate, hows Chris? I tried to call him a couple of times but to no avail. Anyway take care mate-safe flying
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