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  1. If I try to edit my forum thread (eg the one above) I get this:- Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console. Sue
  2. The Likes - if I try to "Like" a page it returns this:- Oops! We ran into some problems. The requested page could not be found. Sue
  3. Yes, he stood for election. Any member can put their hand up. There is no mechanism for saying "we think he's a bit sus don't accept his nomination". The election spiel is written by the candidate, RAA does not go into the truth of the statement. Even if he did get on the Board, he is still only one of seven. The system is fairer than when Ian (Admin) nominated and certain members conspired to delay his membership, so that it lapsed while nominations were open and Ian was denied the chance to stand. You can read about it on the forum, or PM Admin. This was years ago with RAAus Inc.
  4. Karasport is not for sale - it's his fun machine. Although he did contemplate selling to an old early AUF flier, but as he didn't have a licence (you didn't need one back then) and he wasn't prepared to get his RAA Certificate, it ended up in a stalemate. The Scout needs a lot of work, and is a handful to fly, and you have to be pretty light. He can't believe anyone would want to buy one. We have a Turbulent hanging up in the shed, but all the glue joints are suspect. The son saw a part built Sonerai, so Dad bought it for him and he has never done anything with it (he doesn't fly) a
  5. Would that then fail the 51% build requirement for 19 reg?
  6. True - I didn't look very far past what we own and what works for me, carries the most weight, is the fastest (95-100kt) and is 'cheap' at $35-45k with a range of 5 hours (my C152). Mr FV would highly recommend the RANS Courier S7. It can take the two of us with fuel, but very little baggage (behind the seats). One 19 reg sold recently for $70k, the kit incl Rotax maybe $70kUSD ($100k AUD). It took 6 years to build; but he was working full time, his first wife got cancer and died, got a slack-attack, he chased me for 13 months, had a wedding, moved house ... Dedicated work could have i
  7. When the weight increase comes through there is the option of Cessna 150 / 152's at reasonable sale price, all SIDS done, LAME maintained. I have a C152 - what I like about it is the weight I can carry in the baggage area. I found most ultralights had nil to minimum baggage allowance, and I carted myself, the dog, o/n bag, emergency gear etc and went with full tanks (149 litres) around Western Qld. RAA are hoping to get L1 maintenance approval for private (non-training / hire) purposes.
  8. ATSB has investigated RAA accidents where there was a clear public benefit - eg the Ferris Wheel incident (no fatalities). RAA have approached ATSB for more investigations, however they have a budget, and until their political masters see the benefit in increasing their staff etc to cover RAA fatalities and accidents, it is not going to happen. I read a fair bit of RAA bashing over reporting accidents, and a fair bit of people not reading or understanding the present situation. When a fatality occurs, the Police are the lead agency to investigate and prepare a report for the Coroner who t
  9. Survey Monkey - it is up to you to decide how to frame your questions, they don't do it for you. I have seen some terrible surveys, some along the lines of "Have you stopped beating your wife?" Yes / No It was a while since I did the RAA survey, but I don't think Sport Pilot was at the top of the list, so maybe random. You can't go past without filling in 1-8 so you do have to put some thought into it, even if that is 1 2 3 ... I suspect the donkey voters would give up. Then there are others who would want to be able to give more than one thing a 1, and similarly with an 8.
  10. I did the survey as soon as it came out, so I don't remember everything. It was open to Members, ex-Members and non-members. As I fitted most categories (PC, L1, owner, etc) I think I saw most questions. Ranking things 1-8 was similar to previous years, and will show priority changes over time. There were adequate opportunities to tick Other or fill in free-form boxes. Much better than surveys I have done for others eg Super, Insurance, Telcos etc. where you are forced to assess or choose with no opportunity to explain or tick Not Applicable or I Don't Know, so you go for a 5 or neutral a
  11. So the big ticket item is Hosting = $3,000. The difference between XF & IPS is small by comparison ($200). Firstly, I would suggest not changing the software again, as the chaos upsets the loyal, long term users who have forgotten how to stop email notifications, struggle with things not being in their usual place and acting as they did, and needing patience while things are migrated. Stick with what gives you the most functionality for the future. There's a good number of us who are not on Facebook - we need this site. There are a number of First Class Members and some of them m
  12. Pilot William Scott-Bloxam killed in Mareeba crash remembered as 'colourful character' https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-15/pilot-william-scott-bloxam-remembered-after-mareeba-plane-crash/11801342 Police said they would investigate reports from witnesses who heard a strange sound from the engine, described by one person as "backfiring". Mr Scott-Bloxam was still alive after the crash but he could not be saved by paramedics and died at the scene. He came to national attention in 2008 as the pilot of a flight to the Papuan town of Merauke in which he and four others were detained
  13. Qld Country Life update ... RFDS emergency evacuation of Isisford ultralight crash pilot Sally [email protected] Dec 2019, 5:30 p.m. News The Royal Flying Doctor Service plane on the strip at Wahroongah Station south of Isisford preparing to evacuate the injured patient. It's first time the medical service has used this airstrip. Picture supplied by the RFDS. Aa The young Longreach pilot injured in Monday morning's ultralight mustering accident south of Isisford has been flown to Brisbane in
  14. From the Qld Country Life https://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/6521359/light-plane-accident-at-isisford/ Police were called to a light plane accident south of Isisford on Monday morning. According to a police media spokeswoman, the minor aviation incident occurred at around 8.10am at a location 60km south of Isisford, along the Yaraka River Road. The male pilot was flying a yellow mustering plane when the incident occurred. He is understood to have sustained injuries but was not trapped in the plane. Further details will be supplied as they come to hand.
  15. Back in 1993? (I'll have to check my magazines) CASA offered a weight increase to 750kg on a platter. The AUF people replied "We're too busy ...." and it went on the back burner. The offer now is 760kg which takes in the Cessna 150/152 range - old but cheap, it might get some back into recreational flying.
  16. The magazine went digital from June 2011 - you can find them on the RAA site and issuu.com. I have a complete set from late 1992, but patchy before that. I would be grateful for any early copies I can borrow. Be warned ... there will be floods, cyclones, magazine gobbling goannas, Marie Kondo moments of decluttering ahead for your AUF magazine owners. Karasport is a single seat in flying condition. It is a parasol, comes apart into a trailer. There's some pictures on this forum discussing trailer-able planes. The Scout isn't flying as it needs recovering, pixie motor, Mk I.
  17. Both. I was copying the AUF/RAA magazines as a project for RAA to put them up on their website. I have a complete collection of hard copies from 1992/3 up to when the magazine went digital (and available on the RAA website), but I am still looking for hard copies earlier. My digitising project goes in fits & starts and I have not touched it for about a year. Fully searchable and tagged, high resolution. RAA have offered to loan me their archived copies, but I am a bit reluctant to be entrusted with perhaps the only official copies in captivity. I'm jinxed - the pre 1992 copies I have
  18. You could start with this:- This is on this site under Resources - Tutorials. I have early copies of some Ultralight publications such as Pacific Ultralights and the AUF newsletter / RAA magazines. There's a lot out there, so it will depend on what specifically you want - aircraft design, people, governance, statistics? Sue
  19. G'day Hunsta, When you get up to the cross-country, call in to the Childers airstrip. Usually a morning tea on Wednesdays and people around most times. We have functions from time to time, like fly-in breakfast, just had the Oz-STOL competition. The Isis Flying Club is a happy group of active aviators with about 20 hangars and a good club house. Meetings 1st Sat of each month at 10am. Welcome to drive up to talk planes and flying. Sue
  20. It's part of a crack-down on Registered Training Organisations defrauding the Commonwealth https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-06/private-college-reaped-$2m-from-students-but-never-taught-class/11662164
  21. Some pics here https://www.facebook.com/2019ausfly/ Mostly presentations and sponsors. I would like some feedback too. How many, how did it go .. is it worth the interstate trip? Some plane porn pls.
  22. Yes, I know the feeling! I've been caught waiting on jobs where they have used my resume as "and this will be our Project Manager, Engineer ..." when they win the contract they employ someone far less experienced / qualified on less wages to cover two or three roles. Hope it turns around for you soon. In the meantime we REALLY APPRECIATE all the work you are doing for us here!
  23. From time to time RAA ask for volunteers to put into a skills register. I don't know what sort of response they get. I have done some volunteer work for them, however, I am doing it at my own pace. They may not have the luxury of waiting for ages, or waiting for someone to visit Canberra. I am sure there are Board members who consult people they know have better knowledge of things. This might be happening behind the scenes without us knowing. It's a hard question to answer - if RAA get outside help (from members or professionals etc) and they don't pay, or pay less than market value
  24. I think Turbo is referring to Forum Posts - lost in the myriad of spurious content from - tutorials, map pins, vids etc... He's a candidate for Option 2, but more likely wants What's New - Forum Posts only. I understand where he is coming from.
  25. I did the survey too. I thought the idea was either 1.keep the magazine but subscribers have to pay the true cost, or 2. stop printing & posting the magazine and put the money into other ways of keeping us informed and amused. The RAA have listened to people complaining their fees are going up and this is one way of remedying it. At least they are asking before calling tenders for someone to produce a glossy magazine for a year or two. If the cost does go up to the true production cost then I predict a number of the 15% of members who subscribe will reneg leaving the few to pay a hig
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