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  1. Ernest K. Gann’s classic memoir is an up-close and thrilling account of the treacherous early days of commercial aviation. In his inimitable style, Gann brings you right into the cockpit, recounting both the triumphs and terrors of pilots who flew when flying was anything but routine.
  2. Translated from the Russian. Drawing on original interviews with survivors, Lyuba Vinogradova weaves together their untold stories. Her panoramic account of these women's lives follows them from society balls to unmarked graves, from landmark victories to the horrors of Stalingrad. Battling not just fearsome Aces of the Luftwaffe but also prejudice from their own leaders, women such as Lilya Litvyak and Katya Budanova are brought to life by the diaries and recollections of those who knew them, and who watched them live, love, fight and die.
  3. Discusses human errors which impact the safety of air travel, including fatigue, communication, education, stress, boredom, conformity, and illusion
  4. So how do you test drive a Jumbo? And why did a future civil aviation director once taxi a plane down Perth's main street to attend a ball? From the ridiculous to the downright dangerous, the story of Australian aviation is full of tales of adventure and nation building. It is also a story about tragedy and eccentric characters with wild larrikin spirits. In this surprising, fascinating and sometimes very funny collection, Jim Eames brings together the great forgotten and untold tales of Australian aviation. There are the stories of the Catalina flying boats that were Australia's only aviation link to the UK during World War II and that of Qantas' record-breaking non-stop flight across the world. And what of the long- forgotten hijacks and the dramas of the Darwin airlifts after Cyclone Tracy? Entertaining, nostalgic and very readable, the stories Jim tells will certainly make you want to take to the skies.
  5. Our Keith Page https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2020-10-01/backyard-aquaponics-yields-abundance-of-fish-and-veggies/12691888
  6. CASA offered the AUF this weight increase back in the 1990's. The Board replied, in essence, "No - we're too busy", and the opportunity was missed. Perhaps we should be blaming Uncle Eugene, Middo et al.
  7. A bloke at Childers Qld (where we are based) had an Airbike, the one that crashed. He sold the wreck, so don't know if the new owner got it flying. We followed him in our RANS S7 to a private strip. The Airbike went so slow (and low) that we kept losing him as we orbited, to avoid getting ahead of him. So they are not speed demons.
  8. Sorry, the adverts are no longer available. I think that part of the forum was removed in one of Ian's many updates. If you are interested I can put up some pictures and PM the owner's contacts. Sue
  9. I had advertised it on Rec Fly YEARS ago - will have to look, the owner is a hard man to help. He needs to sell as he will never fly again, the wife wants it sold, long story. The prang was in his panic that the sun was going down while he was doing circuits (and lots of friends watching .... no pressure) he landed hot with a tailwind. Collected the fence at the end with the wing. Was professionally repaired, and he's been pulling it off and doing little things, I think, not wanting to give up his hobby. Mr FV says it is the best 912 he has seen. It is in our hangar and he pulls it throu
  10. Must be the season for it! Our Club has been offered several neglected aircraft, from a kit still in its crates to half built, to built and not flown for years. All from $Free to $Make Me An Offer. No one here has been keen to take on the challenge. A ProTech PT2, bought 20 years ago, still in boxes, engine turned over regularly. A Pulsar, repaired after a prang, but off the RAA register and not flown for 15+yrs. A Sapphire, not flown for years, off the RAA register, owner pulls it out regularly, turns the engine, cleans and services. Many more not flying, or partly built, never on the
  11. @shajen Just wondering about how the shade cloth handles rain. I assume it is 90% - or is it fully water proof. I am thinking about what drips through the roof during rain or condensation. Good solution to the temporary hangar though! Sue
  12. Contact the Maryborough Aero Club www.maryboroughaeroclub.com Crayonbox (on this site) is the club captain. Everything is up in the air, but hoping things are back to "normal" by then.
  13. Our magazine arrived - finally - now to decide which of the three to vote for, if any.... I can't see any great RAA experience, so may have to go on Corporate knowledge and hope they get a handle on the issues in RAA later.
  14. Sport Pilot August 2020 is now on-line at issuu.com - search for Sport Pilot 2020. Still have not received our print copy.
  15. Each candidate has to declare any conflict of interest in their election statement. MM's is --------- Declaration of financial interests related to aviation Majority shareholder of Lockr Life Pty Ltd (LLPL) – provider of products and services to the aviation sector. LLPL writes and sells lockr.aero aviation logbook products for pilots and aircraft maintenance tracking. In addition to this, LLPL also distributes CTLS aircraft and related parts in Australia. LLPL also provides bespoke software and consulting services to aviation businesses on a national and international basis. ----------
  16. Have not seen Sport Pilot, not in the letter box, not on the RAA site, not on issuu.com and no word on when it is due - has obviously missed the 1st August publication date. Their website is pace.com.au Now this will put RAA into a difficult situation as the ballots must be received or at least post marked 25th Sept. I see the AGM (due in November) has been postponed to Feb 2021. The next "Meet the Candidates" is due 26th August. Lets hope the other three have done some homework on RAA, as they struck me as knowing very little about the issues, apart from Simon wanting RAA instructor ho
  17. Voting closes on the 25th September, with usually a week or more for postal votes to arrive, then we will have two winners. The ballot papers will be in the August edition of Sport Pilot (which still hasn't arrived at our place) and another "Meet the Candidates" live broadcast 9th Sept. There are two vacancies, obviously Michael Monk is standing again, but it looks like the other Director isn't re-contesting.
  18. You can take out a "Non-Flying" membership - about $100 which includes the magazine, voting rights etc. There's also a "subscription only" membership. It will be on the RAA site. If your health (or whatever improves) you can still return to flying with a BFR and rejoining with a pilot certificate. Hope you do!
  19. Well, just sat through 85 + minutes of the four candidates. Apart from Michael Monk, I wasn't overly impressed with any others. Seems to have attracted Defence Force, Canberra based candidates. I thought about standing, but decided I wasn't well known and wouldn't have a hope, but at least I knew a lot more about recreational flying. Next "Meet the Candidates" will be 9th Sept.
  20. Meet the candidates Election Candidate panel discussion - LIVE Wednesday 12 August 2020 at 7pm AEST As part of our election cycle this year RAAus is working to encourage more members to vote, and engage with candidates online. Whilst this idea was born out of lockdown, it is an ideal way for more members to “meet” potential directors and become more informed about those people elected to lead RAAus. RAAus encourages all members to submit questions prior to the live stream. Please email [email protected] The live stream will be independently moderated and will give all candidates an op
  21. Log on to the RAA members' portal - go to Governance - 2020 Elections. There you will find the statements from all 4 candidates. They are: Michael Monk (standing for re-election) Andrew Scheiffers Simon Ozanne Danni Maynard
  22. Just about anything that thrives in the sub-tropics - Mango (3 varieties), Lychee, bananas (3 varieties), Guava (6 varieties), plum (4), peach, grumachama, Brazilian cherry, jackfruit (2), jaboticaba, 5 star fruit (carambola), Lonergan, Ceylon cherry, Citrus - Lemons (4), lemonade, mandarin (3), oranges (3 - Cara Cara, navels, Valencias), Lime, Kafia Lime, figs, Sugar plum, Black Sapote, persimmon, pomegranate, loquat (3), apple (3), medlar, bunya nut, macadamia nut, Saba nut/ Malabar chestnut, pecan nut, dragon fruit (3), lily-pilly, Burdekin plum, Quandong, passionfruit, Giant Granadilla, Ca
  23. Old K - I tried to PM a copy to you, but at 4MB the system says it is too large - it is a pdf. can't get any smaller. Sorry.
  24. Not on-line. It is our local group's newsletter which goes out to members before a meeting with lots of great information, but most importantly, the whereabouts of the next meeting and competition (fruit cooking) - we meet at members' properties. With no meetings due to the lock-down and the age of most members, I have filled the spare pages with more info. Normally half of it would be reports of the last meeting, the winning recipes, the raffle, fruit tastings, etc. It is picked up by the National body and I sometimes see my articles re-printed in other clubs' newsletters. Now, if you co
  25. Mr FV is interested in engines - in planes, graders, dozers, trucks, chainsaws, motorcycles. Aircraft design, particularly early ultralights and his "Golden Age" of flight, between WWI & WWII I'm interested in planes and flying. I also do a lot of gardening / farming. I put out a bi-monthly "Rare Fruit Club" newsletter of 20 pages with articles on unusual native & exotic fruits (growing and eating) and associated gardening information. We have both been quiet as there has been no flying due to the lock-down. In fact we have been busier than "normal" due to the Pandemic with about
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