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  1. Dreaming of the strip, house, hangar retirement I came across some gems. On www.realestate.com.au - search a location eg QLD; then in the side panel type a keyword like "airstrip" and Update. Helps to limit the search to Rural / Acreage or you may end up with townhouses near an airstrip. Also searched "hangar" (and hanger for those real estate agents who can't spell), "Pilot", "Aviation", "Ultralight" etc. I sorted by cheapest to dearest to move the grazing properties & millionaire's estates to the end. Found (just a few of) - A hangar with modern 2 bed house at Watt's Brid
  2. I did a search for the Technical Manger and General Manager positions on the usual job pages (Seek, Trovit etc) and came up a blank. So I guess the only job advert was in our magazine. However I did come across the Admin Assist (ASIC) which closed 12 Dec with the Office Administrator - surely an added burden she does not need at this time - interviewing etc. Money well spent to throw this to an agency so staff can concentrate on registrations with the phone and email running hot. Sue
  3. I had a look at Face2Face - they don't have any jobs at the moment (but it is a quiet time of year) so they should be able to give us their full attention. They have looked after the Not-for-Profit sector before (testimonials from Lifeline etc). Their strength is in being a boutique local agency with the dedication and flexibility of a small business. Depending on what services were engaged, they may visit the office to gauge for themselves the kind of employee who would best suit the position, do PDs, advertising and do all the settling-in and review. Unfortunately it would have been be
  4. Same here - been outstanding since 6th Nov - they have credit card & email - heard nothing.
  5. Still waiting - and they have our email - just in case ...... Sue
  6. Here's an idea - have the spouse join RAAus as a student pilot, get enough lessons(with a school) to feel some competence and then quit. Cancel RAAus membership (and Club membership) and return to the ranks of non-flyers, but a little wiser. Advantage - spouse now has the option of rejoining and finishing the Certificate and has had proper training, done within the law. RAAus can handle this as there are a few people who start but never finish every year. Could be worth a phone call to RAAus or local school. My position was a little different. I was already a GA pilot of many years, but
  7. You are right - they do - to the Dept of Infrastructure & Transport (BITRE). The results are published each year - see 2010 as an example - with RAAus statistics under Sport Aviation. http://www.bitre.gov.au/publications/ongoing/files/General_Aviation_Activity2010.pdf Sue
  8. Wow! You got an email! We tried paying our rego 6th Nov and had various excuses and dates - they checked our email was still current, but we are still waiting for the email. Our plane was with a flying school, but the CFI recently decided to "retire". Regardless, it is still a very poor showing. Sue
  9. From the CASA website: Classification Aviation Safety Regulator Level 1 Division Office of the Director of Aviation Safety Branch Self Administering Sport Aviation Organisations Section Location Brisbane, Canberra or Melbourne Position No 2062 Salary $90,954 - $117,861 pa + superannuation Contact Lee Ungermann Duration Permanent Closing Date 16 December 2012 How to apply: Please provide a current CV and a response to the selection criteria to recruitment by the closing date. In the subject line of your email, please quote the position number, job title and your na
  10. Welcome back! Love those Mooneys - flew 3 of them and worked for a LAME who was a real fan, but unfortunately killed himself in one. Sorry to hear about starting over. In many ways it can be a real blessing - I hope it turns out that way for you. I'm not into social chat either (the younger rellies are all on it and can't understand how we live without it), but this site has so much scope to give and receive advice that I keep coming back too. Sue
  11. I think this workshop might have been what Cazza was referring to here http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/raaus-fails-casa-audit-again.50744/page-34#post-255019 Which looks like it was Board members only. Sue
  12. When nominations were open for North Qld, a member of this forum was thinking about putting himself forward, and a good candidate he would have been too, but when it was indicated who he would be standing against, he stepped back and the incumbent was elected was unopposed. It is a big ask, to stand against a sitting member, especially one with many years on the Board as the voters who "just want to fly" will favour the status quo ("I'm still flying - why rock the boat" mentality). I know a number of RAA members (and I'm a member myself) and the assessment of candidates is more along the
  13. Position advertised 30 Nov 2012. Job description here http://www.casa.gov.au/wcmswr/_assets/main/lib100175/2062.pdf Looking for someone with experience/knowledge as - Instructor - Maintenance, operations, safety - Legislation - Self Regulating bodies
  14. Here is the job description - location is flexible http://www.casa.gov.au/wcmswr/_assets/main/lib100175/2062.pdf EDIT - have put this job in a new thread to attract some applicants
  15. We get this every year. There's 2 volumes. World Directory of Leisure Aviation (WDLA) and World Directory of Free-Flight (WDFF). Published in English, French, German and Chinese. See www.widola.com WDLA has a database of available aircraft - 5 per page - photo, description, specs, contacts, price, category etc. LSA, ULs, kits, gliders, gyros, trikes, instruments, engines. An improvement this year is the index to aircraft. It keeps the boss entertained for hours, comparing and fancying various innovations. Highly recommended reading. We asked our newsagent to get it in - it was near
  16. I would not support his retention to research "complex issues" - this was my assessment of one of his attempts. This thread started when the previous CEO departed. http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/new-ceo.10370/#post-103095
  17. Our registration is still outstanding (now well overdue). The office took all our details including payment, checked they had the correct email address, but nothing since, so assume it is still outstanding. Will post something when it does finally come through. Sue
  18. We tried to renew our (now overdue) registration today. Office staff were very courteous and helpful, but all they could do was take our details and promise that it may be resolved by Friday. Plane cannot be flown until things are resolved. Little inconvenience on our part, but imagine if it was with a flying school or we had planned our flying holiday. If what I hear is happening then this is a very poor state of affairs. I cannot imagine outstanding candidates considering a position with this employer. I am concerned for the front office staff who give such sterling service who have
  19. Unfortunately we have no imagination. We call them by the maker's name - the Rans, Lightwing, Karasport; and he calls mine "your poor plane" with a sad lilt reserved for old Cessnas sitting in the weather with the paint oxidising away. We are about to embark on a refurbish and repaint so I am sure there will be "other" names as the work progresses. I get to design a new paint scheme for the C152. Any ideas? Sue
  20. I read her book - My Stroke of Insight - got it from the local library. It's a habit of mine to pick a non fiction book at random and read a topic totally unrelated to my current work, study etc. Highly recommend that people read it. I have it on my re-read list as I have not fully assimilated the information. Your brain is great while everything is working in harmony, but a stroke or other disturbance can alter your perceptions of yourself, ability with numbers and other things we take for granted. Haven't watched the video yet (we have a slow connection and 22 mins will take some time t
  21. Hi Craig, Going for a Cessna 150 / 152 might be a "cheaper" option. They are old, but usually well maintained (from a safety perspective), cheap for 90-105kts, 2 seat with more luggage space and weight, parts are easy to get, most aircraft works can service, can use Avgas or petrol (if certified for Mogas), 5 hour range with long range tanks, rego is free and there are plenty around. Down side is getting a licence (PPL or RPL) that costs a bit more than an RAA certificate, 100 hourly (or annual) service costs, engine rebuild / replacement is expensive. But if it saves you $30k on purchas
  22. We have been caught up in it - better half rang (Tue/Wed?) to renew our Lightwing and was told there was a problem taking his payment but would be resolved in 48 hours, rang back Friday - will be resolved by Monday. He got the impression it was a computer problem. Our renewal is due on Monday. If I hadn't read it on this forum I would still be thinking it was an EFTPOS issue. Also wondering about the Jab that was damaged at Wungong Dam, WA on Friday. Report says he bought it that morning and was insured. Given he could not have transferred it through RAA, I wonder what the insurers w
  23. Hi Tomo, The better half says it is most likely the connection on the back of the gauge - check it is firmly in place. He uses switch grease (silicon) on the connections. We had a similar problem. Sue
  24. The World Directory of Aviation 2012/13 is out now. Our local newsagent got us a copy of 2011/12 last year (after they said they couldn't) and have decided to get it in for us each year. Over 1,000 aircraft - everything for the lighter end of the market - described, photographed and categorised. If you are considering the next plane it will give you lots to look at. If only I could get it off my husband ..... Sue
  25. Welcome aboard RFD. My old instructor used to like teaching the Doctors and Anaesthetists to fly as they seemed to cotton on to concepts and manage time very well. Mostly they were with the RFDS or Flying Surgeon, so they got to revise while in the "office". Loved that country around SA. I took a couple of people from Western Qld down to the inaugural meeting of the Maitland Aero Club and it was an eye opener for them to see airstrips everywhere and property buildings the size of their town, a plane in every second shed and pilots everywhere. They take their flying seriously down there
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