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  1. Has anyone solved the problem of the leading edge of the doors lifting from the prop blast and letting in an icy cold blast of air? obviously it needs some sort of latch which can be operated from outside. any ideas?
  2. aeropup Hi guys I have an aeropup based at YSEN There is one other here as well as a supapup single seater .Nice little plane the folding wings are very handy when trying to find hangar space. cheers ray
  3. raymondhallatt

    Oil Temps

    Anyone flying an aeropup with a jab motor notice high oil temps? If so any ideas on why?
  4. Hi Bruce Do you live in WA and was that bruce Baileys Aeropup you went to look at . I am curious because I know bruce as he is a fellow member of the SABC at serpentine airfield. Cheers Ray
  5. Any Kitfox builders out there? Would like to read your impressions. Ray
  6. Hi hows the Kitfox . Did you build it ? I'm interested in building a kit plane and want to get as much info as possible about different ones. Cheers Ray
  7. Has anyone out there built a kitfox , if so i'd like to here your impressions
  8. Hi Knighty can I come for a quick look and a chat sometime next week? can contact me at [email protected] ? Thanks Ray
  9. raymondhallatt


    I am thinking of building an Aeropup (two seater) any advice/comments appreciated. I am heading to NSW on thurs 31st for two weeks Does anyone have one flying that I can have a look at? Cheers Ray
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