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  1. Thanks but have already tried. The problem is not Skyview but Flight Design that decided to put a password on the Skyview system to make it "safer". The local Flight Design agent also seems unable to help. I have also gone direct to Flight Design in Europe but they refer me to the local agent. A sort of runaround. I will try again.
  2. Hi, Have been a glider pilot for 16 years and power pilot for about seven. Recently acquired a Flight Design CTLS that has some problems with flying wing down and uncommanded behaviour with auto pilot. Believe the Dynon control algorithms were updated but my Dynon Skyviews are password locked so cannot update from about 2011. The company, Flight Design, in Europe, is in the hands of an administrator. Hard to get any help from them.
  3. Am a cross country glider pilot with around 600 hours. Also have flown Jabirus' 160, 170, 230; Sportstar and Eurofox. Will be doing more in power soon. Sorry to hear about some problems with RAA.
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