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  1. dad

    What do recreational flyers do?

    Call me Jack, from shearing sheep to shovelling #$@!. not enough fingers and toes to count what I've done and only a couple of things twice. Peter
  2. dad

    Meekatharra, WA, plane crash

    His Name wasn't nigel by any chance was it? comment removed - a little close to the bone - language. Mod
  3. dad

    Help save our airfield

    Even quicker with autofill Peter
  4. dad

    From Russia with love.

    Gee, I hope I got it right and didn't insult you
  5. dad

    From Russia with love.

    Здравствуйте! Я хочу, чтобы моя Россия была так хорошо, как английский язык. Peter
  6. dad

    Origin of the term AVIATOR

    one of the greatest 'true' stories ever told:roflmao:
  7. I don't have any issues reading Pdf's on my Iphone, in fact I have a number of complete issues of legislation, manuals,books and other pieces of information resident on my iphone in pdf format. They are all easy to access and bookmarked.
  8. dad

    Fighter planes for sale in Oz.

    Mmm, the insignia on them appears to be from singapore? http://www.mindef.gov.sg/imindef/mindef_websites/atozlistings/air_force/assets/aircraft/Trainers.html
  9. dad

    Fighter planes for sale in Oz.

    Singapore Air force clearance sale ?
  10. dad

    Agh.. Sonex Manuals??

  11. dad

    QED Aircraft Parts and Hardware

    Tools, tools, and more tools. Then again you could take some tools. Nah better just stick to the tools.
  12. dad

    Geocaching Aviators

    Anyone tried this, http://www.auf.asn.au/cagit_trophy/cagi.html
  13. dad

    Jet ski engines

    180 hp, mmmm, I think that would be overkill for the sonex. interesting though. This needs some more investigation.
  14. dad

    Jet ski engines

    From what I understand there is a heat exchanger so no salt water is drawn into the cooling system and not all watercraft engines were forced induction. The power to weight ratio is attractive with the 2 strokers being lightest. The constant revs of the watercraft is similar to aircraft usage. Peter
  15. dad

    Jet ski engines

    Wet weather day and the mind has been wandering and was looking at alternative power plants and came across this, Yamaha 1200 65U 135 HP Rebuilt Engine Price: $999.00 (excluding tax) SKU: 010-2026-01 Weight: 90.00 LBS MMMM, the mind starts to boggle.