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  1. Great video. Beautiful country there looks like.
  2. Invite Ch31 from Melb to record a few hours with the guys from Plane Crazy DownUnder doing commentary. They could hotel it at cost to NatFly to promote the event.
  3. I like your website. Will check out the Lightning Trigger in greater detail. I certainly need something like that. Do you the specs?
  4. I see you've listed a xenon gyro as one of your aircraft. Own and flown or used somebody else's? Have you flown other models? Built from kits or purchased fully built from the factory? Know much about the Butterfly Monarch or Golden? I did check out the websites but thought I'd ask you. I been looking at them though not as yet flown. There's a few training clubs around and Ill probably visit one in Vic. What made you chose the Xenon? If I are to get involved in gyros I probably go for tandem front and rear, open cockpit, max speed would be a consideration I think, maybe. Faster is
  5. Hi. I can't assist you in the building phase but perhaps this magazine could offer you something, "World Directory of Leisure Aviation". Topics covered such as fixed wing/lsa, homebuilts, certified ac, ultralight gliders cert gliders, gyrocopters, trikes... First time stocked at my local newsagency and they only ordered 2. I've read through it many times checking out websites and it gave me good ideas on types of trikes I'd like to consider to buy if i went down that road which I hope I do if I move east to Mackay. Thanks. Chris
  6. Good on you :) I have used an application called GPSLogbooks. Works the same way as to what Mytracks does. Create an account on google earth and GPSLogbooks. The app works with GEarth. You can see your alt and patterns etc.
  7. Well we know who Sweeney is http://www.smh.com.au/national/cunning-crim-cleared-to-fly-in-airport-plan-20090912-flhv.html "Cunning crim cleared to fly in airport plan". Old news now of course but these previous threads were an interesting read. I wonder how the aeropark development is progresing. No new threads since Feb 2011.
  8. Can't make comment on the parking fee, but Dunlopdangler do you live in Bundy? I'm curious to know about the airpark they are constructing there. Anything you have seen? I know of the website but local opinion would be of interest. Thanks, Chris
  9. Hi Ian, Good move with the podcasts section though I note it is all American content? How about some aussie back yard stuff like "Plane Crazy Down Under". Cheers, Chris. ....also what about adding some online material to the Tutorials section that isn't already listed?
  10. All Forums option. Not enough input or updates to express an interest in any one particular area except I bypass the homebuilders group.
  11. "..that wasn't your fault, somebody fu**ed up..". Yeah he got that right! So a mix of different a/c - rc, ga, rec. They were playing on the rwy but pilot didn't maintain situational awareness?
  12. http://www.ourairports.com/ Maybe that would help...posted originally by someone else on the forum. Chris
  14. I know of two locations: aa) on the way to Port Alma from Gladstone, QLD. In the hills on the left as you travel north about half way. Very vague but there is detailed info about this incident. ATSB too has a report. Wreckage lost and remain unfound. and all souls on board died. bb) again, located near Gladstone... Kroombit Tops National Park. WW2 era, all lost their lives. Wreckage only recently discovered. It's clearly identified in the 4wd trips for the area. Was there 2 years ago living in Gladdy and was told about this place. Worth the drive if you're in the area.
  15. I've purchased both AOPA and Country Airstrips Guide for WA and QLD. Yet to utilise either of them. What I was hoping for when buying the CAG was a detailed report on aviators flyaway holidays with flightpaths and experiences/recommendations. Unfortunately it doesn't detail this type of report but I think it's worth the buy nonetheless. Chris
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