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  1. Have some respect for our gliding friends we all share the same airspace we should all train in gliders first
  2. Please give me a ring have sketch for simple jack for jab 230 mob 0407277039
  3. Phone me 0407277039 I am in broken hill to see if I can help
  4. rob myself and a few others have just bought25 698 1992 serial no97 have aflight manual please ring 0407277039 and I will photo stat sorry gr 912
  5. Have Garmin. area 500 for sale. Like new complete with all accessories. $500.00. Also have phone number where a friend has garmin 296 for sale. Please phone only. 0407277039
  6. Do you want to swap for latest garmin area 500 phone me on 0407277039
  7. Look for coil wire short on engine mount happened to me space wires out from engine mount
  8. Check your information befor you bag jabiru
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