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  1. Yes, you are right djpacro and rankamateur. I have moved on. After 230 fantastic hours in the Maule, I had to make some decisions re family and life, so I posted an ad in Aviation Trader and Bingo, Reg Hamblin from Urella Downs in Corner Country NSW rang up and bought it. So with a heavy heart I delivered the Maule to Broken Hill with my friend and fellow Maule driver Ben Jaensch alongside. I bought a 1974 Landrover with the proceeds (bit of change there) and drove back, via Lake Mungo. Quite and adventure with my 11 year old son. I have now joined MAG, (Melbourne Aviation Group) operating
  2. Not yet, and yes the presumption is Innocent until proved guilty. But should that stop other pilots ruminating over something that reflects on us all.
  3. My condolences to the two aviators and their families. I was at Temora on Good Friday and flew out at 1545 for Moorabbin. I am studying for my NVFR at the moment but do not yet have the rating. I was due in at MB at 1814 according to my GPS but didn't want to risk last light at 1832, having to be on the ground 10 minutes before hand. So opted for an O'night stay at Mangalore. I could have risked it, but decided not to. To fly or not to fly? That is the question!
  4. Don't know if anyone is interested but Stawell Aviation are holding a 14 day Kimberley and Broome Tour commencing August 26th. I am hoping to tag along in the Maule.
  5. More news here http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-01-27/two-die-in-vintage-plane-crash/3797490
  6. Two Dead in Maryborough plane Crash. http://www.3aw.com.au/blogs/breaking-news-blog/two-dead-in-maryborough-air-crash/20120127-1qlgq.html My deepest condolences to the families concerned.
  7. A friend has organised me to go up at Benalla in the not too distant future. I hope I don't disgrace myself
  8. Would need my brown underpants on for this type of flying. You can tell he is stressed, but he handles it very well.
  9. I forgot to say, (just in case there is a misunderstanding) that after being teetotal all day, both pilots really enjoyed a beer after landing at Moorabbin at the Royal Vic bar.
  10. Didn't see anyone in town that looked like you Pud, so guess you are off the hook!!
  11. Flew to Brown Brothers Winery at Milawa last Sunday together with Debra's Tri-Pacer and Peter's Jabiru. Flew from Moorabbin over Coldstream, Taggerty, Eildon Weir (very full) and Mansfield. Six of us sat down to dinner at the Epicurean Restaurant to wonderful lunch and some of the passengers tried the local wines. Afterwards we were provided bicycles to go to the town 500m away to shop for Mustards, cheese and olive oil. Just a great day out. Interesting take off with plane full of goodies on a hot day, grass strip, 90 degree crosswind @ 5 - 10k. Took a longer ground roll than the Maule is use
  12. Fantastic footage of an unbelievable flyer. The use of the Ospreys wings to get vertical takeoff from the water is amazing.
  13. Got up early yesterday to fly to YGTO in Tasmania from Moorabbin. Could not log in on my "blasted" PC for weather, W&B etc. So did all my flight planning on my iPad 2 using Air-Nav-Pro App. and NAIPS. I use Oz-runways for inflight information as they have the ERC Low charts etc. Uploaded my flight plan from the NAIPS App. and took off at 1130 but only an hour into the flight turned back at Wilson's Prom with a diversion due to low cloud. Could not get above 2,500ft and not prepared to go over that expanse of water without some serious air below. The route I use is via Wilson's Prom keep
  14. Welcome aboard Eddie. Happy Recreational Flying. Difference between flying a helicopter and a fixed wing. One thrashes its way through the air the other flies.
  15. Welcome Captain Crunch from Captain Crash.
  16. The Maule MXT-7-180A Comet. Great plane with Patroller doors. I have retro fitted Vortex generators and gap seals, which were removed during the trip to Oz. I love flying this plane and after qualifying in RAA in a Tecnam did my PPL license in it with an instructor who has quite a lot of experience. He taught me a landing technique, which involves taking the plane as close as possible to stall with just a couple of feet under the wheels. Not for the faint hearted and I have had a couple of pilots alongside who have become quite vocal, but it's a great way to drop (and I mean drop) the plane
  17. Thanks Dazza, I love the Comet, and it performs well. Would have been happy to stay RAA, but have two boys aged 10 and 12 and 2 up just dosn't do it for me. Maybe we will catch up at a Flyin one day.
  18. Been using iPad 2 3G with additional GNS bluetooth GPS. Works a treat, and a very powerful tool for emails and the web, when back in the room (or tent). Still carry the ERSA onboard and maps onboard though. Before flight I log in and use Eflite tm for W & B, and send it to myself on email for printing. Air Nav Pro - Love it and the best planning tool I have found and very useful in the cockpit as a moving map display. Bit expensive buying the maps, but once you have them they are yours and survive during Apple upgrades. Gives clear Airspace areas, and zoom in zoom out function is eas
  19. If there isn't an RAA Scholarship, then maybe we should think of one. There will always be deserving young people like Solomon around, who are passionate and would appreciate the opportunity.
  20. He is flying at Lethbridge with Bruce Vickers. Bruce thinks he is very good and will probably get his wings there. I think they are looking at a RAA Scholarship for him.
  21. This was before I got my License but in my own plane.
  22. Flying to Noosa last Easter for ANZAC service with mates in Bli Bli
  23. Great Video Tomo. Love the Great Wide Plains that are Australia. Just like being at sea, except more interesting.
  24. Now that's what I call the best of both worlds. Thanks Santa I'll have the FIB and the Schooner!
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