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  1. Arron25

    Going bare

    When flying my Sonerai, I had a pair of light slip on shoes stowed under the seat for walking on the tarmac after landing, as just like in the '170 mentioned previous... bare ( well sock covered) feet gave best feedback in the tail dragger. Lyle
  2. Arron25

    Tu-22 Crash Landing

    One survivor...….
  3. Arron25


    Looking through an old hard drive before I wiped it and found this link that I had obviously found years ago http://www.bd5.com/ The Official Home of The BD-5 Network I do remember years ago investigating if it was possible to lower the stall speed of the BeDe5.. to get to RAA speeds.. conclusion was..nah.. but would still be open to ideas
  4. Arron25

    Finally, the new site is running

    Had the same problem... I found the ignore list was there with entries, but if you go into the preferences for each, all fields were deselected after the upgrade.
  5. Arron25

    New TV show

    This is the second showing.. Watched it first time around.. Very much like the series about the 'heavy crashes, but for planes we are more interested in
  6. Hi Sue, Do you still have INC? Lyle
  7. Arron25

    Fact or fiction

    Not the same plane on the tarmac as what is shown in the air........ this is a Canadian plane in the air. It's also mirrored /flipped from the original footage. Published 14/06/17 https://youtu.be/AgvzhJpyn10
  8. Arron25

    Airstrip north cardwell Qld

    Give them a ring in the morning... Cheers
  9. Arron25

    Airstrip north cardwell Qld

    http://aviatecenter.com/airport_pdf.php?runwayId=7 I believe this is the one you are referring to?
  10. Flight Global - PICTURES: Ex-Qatar Amiri 747-8I under sales contract Too late... someone else has it under contract...
  11. Arron25

    Which Engine???

    In my case it was cooling designed for Canada ( at best) on a plane built in South Aus trying to live in Western Qld... I believe cooling was mentioned earlier as a problem with VW installs.. though even the early 'Beetle' suffered a similar fate out here once cooling was compromised ...usually dust. I did 150 hours in 6 months before it succumbing.. but still didn't fail/stop … just slowed down with plenty of warning
  12. Arron25

    Which Engine???

    Has anyone seem any pricing/availability on these. The website seems to be still 2015..
  13. Quote"Flying Binghi :Every time I fall off a bike I tend to hit arm first. I dont know the chaps set up though mounted on the arm sounds a bit dubious. " As this man does it professionally on the World stage.. he "Probably"' has a smidgen more experience than most in what works
  14. I have two Sat phones both with tracking built in. The first one I bought in 2010 after I had my landing in the middle of a paddock in NQ. (Nothing worse than standing in the middle of a paddock not being able to communicate.. just relying on the EPIRB ..which of course worked as expected..) It is an Iridium Extreme that has the Spot hardware built in.... Just recently I bought a Inmarsat IsatPhone..( I am a Sat phone dealer so just "had" to have the latest unit a demo ....) that has a more basic tracking built in as part of the package (at no extra cost), but it does not have the pretty interface of the Spot and basically sends co-ordinates to up to 10 via SMS or email.. and have a ability to phone home from anywhere. Has the tracking just not as pretty or at an extra subscription. Also have an original Spot which I had my wife use when her work took here driving in SW Qld.. but it is a bit old now.. I personally recommend the spot for anyone heading into anywhere they 'might' need even conceivably need it and in a plane is an adjunct to the EPIRB/PLB. Have a competition motorcyclist here (Dakar Finke etc..) who wears one on his arm especially when practicing alone.
  15. Airframe mounted EPIRB tend to burn really well :peepwall: As opposed to the portable units most of us use that leave with us..