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  1. What I sat behind for 150 hours in my Sonerai... Lots of engine gauges ony the two big for aviate and that 'expensive ' slip indicator.. Compass is attached to the canopy. Long way forward to adjust QNH..
  2. "Your comment about mobile phones I agree with. The RF output of a mobile phone is miniscule" Back in the Dim Dark Distant past AMPS phones ( remember them) were high output.. You could light a fluro tube with them..so more than capable of spark inducing.. but even then I believe there was only One recorded Fuel (boat related) event the could/might be/maybe/may have been caused by.. attribited to the AMPS phone The modern GMS phone a poofteenth of the power, and I would assume now the advice to not use the phone when refueling is more a distraction prevention so to prevent fuel spillage, when the nossle auto shut off invariably doesn't. The high power of the AMPS was also the reason they were banned on planes...real reason.. not for interfearing with avionics, but due to their abillity to capture multiple towers at altitude, so incuring a finacial penality on the telcos who was then unable to acurately charge for the then super expensive calls. All the way back then the FAA were iduced by external interterfearance Now the ban on planes is now one we mostly agree with, still nothing to do with avionics, but who want to listen to some twat praddling on while you are trapped in the metal tube
  3. Back when learning to fly, the little LSA50 I learn't in could generally only be located in the sky by that flash on the tail.. The little white plane would just dissapear in our wide open sky
  4. Maybe QANTAS could donate all their soon to be retired 747s for conversion
  5. Advice wanders ..it is natural on forums and I thank all who have contributed... At no time was I ever to run without coolant.. The reason for the prop simulator was to retain the motor in place in the plane with all cooling instruments exhaust just without the 72" 'food processor'. Plane is in my shed at home , and wanted to run it before I move it out to a hangar to put it all back together... Now I will make an engine stand to with a firewall facsimile to mount the dynafocal etc to , bolted in my trailer so I can get it out to where I can run it up properly and do proper testing. The pic is the unit the original motor was tested on. Would have liked to use it again, but it disappeared to NSW when the owner moved. Anybody know where it went? Thanks Lyle
  6. At the CASA seminar in Longreach, someone mentioned that SIDS was being scrapped... Was that just hopeful thinking... or is it happening?
  7. Is it possible to use a flywheel as a prop substiute on my motor (Sub EA81) for testing?. I need to do testing in a domestic surround, and apart from saftey would be quieter without the 72" prop. making wind.. Thanks Lyle
  8. Flight training has been temporarily suspended at Australia’s largest pilot academy, Soar Aviation, after training partner Box Hill Institute demanded documentation about its fleet.The TAFE college informed students of the three-day hiatus in flight training late Friday, saying Box Hill Institute “maintains safety as its top priority”.It comes as a growing group of current and former students seek a refund of their VET loan money from Box Hill and Soar, based on their claims they did not receive the training they were promised.Their complaints to Victoria’s Department of Education are now the subject of an inquiry by the Special Investigations Unit.The Australian Skills Quality Authority, which is the regulatory body for VET loan-related courses, has also been examining the aviation courses provided by Box Hill and Soar.ASQA delivered its report to the TAFE college last week, and CEO Vivienne King said they were “responding as requested”.That was followed by the email to students, informing them the college had “requested Soar to suspend flying for BHI students for the next few days”.“We will provide further information as soon as we can,” read the email from the college’s aviation department.A further email to students from Soar Aviation, signed by CEO Neel Khokhani, said “Box Hill Institute had requested documentation in relation to our fleet”.“We will be “pausing flight operations until this is provided,” Mr Khokhani said.“We will automatically cancel any flights you have booked for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. “You will not be charged for these flights.”He apologised for any inconvenience and promised to “be in touch soon”.One of the concerns raised by students was that their training was being conducted in Foxbat recreational aircraft rather than the Cessna 172s they were promised.The students also complained they were being made to redo training runs repeatedly despite being proficient, at an added cost.Federal Department of Employment figures show in the first six months of 2019, 289 people were enrolled in the Commercial Pilot’s Licence diploma course at Box Hill at a cost of $7.1m in VET loans.The data showed the unit of study completion rate was 47.6 per cent.Flight Training Adelaide had 32 students enrolled at a cost of just under $900,000 in VET student loans, with a 100 per cent completion rate.Mr Khokhani, 30, was recently named on Australia’s Young Rich List, based on his $66m fortune.Soar partnered with Box Hill in 2016, and according to Department of Employment data has produced fewer than 20 graduates.But Mr Khokhani said 61 people had successfully obtained their CPL with many going on to jobs in the aviation industry, including as flight instructors.
  9. You haven't considered marketing the vest? Looked for the military ones mentioned.. and it seem they are that ..miltary..not commercial
  10. Back in the 70s my father was a Mazda dealer and their rotary was still relatively young, I saw dealer paperwork showing multiple rotor motors ..4 I think was the largest actually pictured, but more were mentioned, and the paperwork went on to go into mention fuel types Seems they had them running on everything from diesel to flour( with varying degrees of induction challenges).., and at that time the diesel was a very distinct development possibility at the time At an Aust dealer conference, (in the 70s) the 'tongue in cheek' suggestion was made if it ran on flour it would run on 'Bex powders' After testing the volatility of Bex the Japanese engineers confirmed it probably would....
  11. If you so need Controlled Airspace Access, you have --- RPL -- As if I read correctly the RAA variant will be Exactly the same requirements ..or Harder.. same medical.. same Aircraft requirements.. Then the those who don't wish it won't have to live with the penalties that will be imposed on the rest of us
  12. Hi Ian, This could be a problem isolated to my situation.. I am a Windows Insider... running the latest skip ahead preview Win10 build /Edge and ever since the site upgrade 80% (or worse) of the time when I click on a item to open.. (normally start in 'What's New' page..) I get "Can't reach this page". Right Click Open in New Tab normally works.. Very occasionally I get Can't find... regardless, but not that often. Not a problem I have noticed with any other web sites and it does not 'seem' to be a problem with Firefox or the 'New' Chromium based Edge beta Thanks for the great work
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