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  1. xyzwq.au domain naming is about to be released. That opens up more possibilities
  2. I looped my Sonerai 5 times before I even got it into the air.. 3 times at Latrobe Valley and then twice on my home strip after I had it ferried here for me.. After the Latrobe Valley loops ( progressively getting worse) the local CFI called me off the strip, and had me do an hour in their Citabria to restore my confidence. Had no trouble in the Citabria ( apart from getting a clip behind the ear when I did a flick turn)… After the 2nd at home, I finally worked out all I had learnt in had toe brakes .. Soni has hand brakes... Once I took authority of the pedals ( actually put my foot on) never again in 150 hours.. Soni lands 'tail hook' ( or at worst three point) as when at landing attitude there is next to no air over the rudder so once on the deck the stick is all the way back to force the tail wheel hard on so it can be steered, so by doing this, never lost control on the deck Mine has tension springs on the tail wheel and had none of the 'twitchyness' on tarmac that some have. Lyle
  3. Arron25


  4. Before name calling etc.(ramping up to be reminiscent of most of the Jab bashing ).. maybe those who have previously noted they know this contributor personally, could advise the correct situation??
  5. Is there a list of upcoming L1 practical courses listed somewhere ?
  6. I think it was in here the statement was made.." If you have the time fly... If you don't drive" I have filed it in the memory bank with those other Aviation Standards.. 'Old Pilots and Bold Pilots...' and 'the Three Wasted Things....'
  7. I run a OBDI HUD with the speed corrected to match the GPS.. so looking out the screen with the necessary superimposed in my view without a need to look down through the steering wheel. Even the cheap Chinese types can display a speed more accurate than onboard speedos that can be up to (and usually are) +10% With an V6 auto.. the tacho speed varies to match the speed the gearbox computer decides...
  8. Hi Red, Are we able to submit you our own photos, with appropriate release documents, for possible inclusion?
  9. I believe the bloke who designed it has been doing it "Professionally'" for a while... so I would bet he has a bloody good reason
  10. When flying my Sonerai, I had a pair of light slip on shoes stowed under the seat for walking on the tarmac after landing, as just like in the '170 mentioned previous... bare ( well sock covered) feet gave best feedback in the tail dragger. Lyle
  11. Looking through an old hard drive before I wiped it and found this link that I had obviously found years ago http://www.bd5.com/ The Official Home of The BD-5 Network I do remember years ago investigating if it was possible to lower the stall speed of the BeDe5.. to get to RAA speeds.. conclusion was..nah.. but would still be open to ideas
  12. Had the same problem... I found the ignore list was there with entries, but if you go into the preferences for each, all fields were deselected after the upgrade.
  13. Give them a ring in the morning... Cheers
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