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    So, what you are basicaly saying is, same organ and grinder, different monkey. Why vote you only encourage the barstuards!
  2. IFR Training I follow Rover-----hat -coat-exit nearest door!
  3. Mind the trees I hope the guy in the chopper keeps a good look out for trees. May be it is a new take on the Stones song "walking the dog"
  4. Bumper stickers May I order three(3) stickers, all with smilies, please.One each of the following: 1 x Victa. Turning air into fun. 1 x Come Fly with me. 1 x Gravity sucks--go flying! No user name. Thanks.:thumb_up:
  5. Thong! Isit not what some of the younger female types wear,----so I am told.........On second thoughts it could be about that old song line '"thongs for the memory of you". Now that shows age and maturity.
  6. Another use for Viagra Senior citiz. went to the doc and asked for a repeat perscription on his viagra. Doc said at your age I thought you had goten over that sex stuff, Yes he replied but it helps me stop wetting my pants when I go to the bathroom!
  7. Two young boys in their bedroom had heard dad using a bit of fruity language, and decided it was time for them to try out some swear words. The seven year old said to the four year old, 'When we go down to breakfast I will swear and you follow me with another word'. It was agreeded that this would happen. Next morning mum asked the elder boy what he would have for breakfast, ' Mum I will have some f---ing Co-Co pops' Wack he is given a good clip around the ears and is sent up stairs crying. Mum looks at the youngest 'And what do you want?' "Well it won't be any of those bloody Co-Co pops then"
  8. Three elderly ladies contrived to have a bit of fun. Harry, an elderly male resident of the home where they all lived, had just come through the lounge door. One of the ladies piped up "Harry, we recon we can tell your age", and of course Harry is not one to take any cheek, so says "you bunch of old biddies are stupid, impossible". The ladies took the bait and said "yes we can"---"no you can't" is the reply. Harry thinks for a moment, "how can you do that", "easy," they say. Harry gets to thinking again, may be I will just play along with this and see what it is all about. "What have I got do"
  9. Probably not the way or the place, but, I am trying to maintain my very orignal Auster J1, so, I am on the look out for Blackburn Cirrus Minor 2 or 2a parts. If any one has un wanted spares, compleat motors, etc. any usable parts, I would be very appreciative of the information. ps. I would like the parts to be usable and airworthy,......no junk thanks.
  10. 1946

    Morning Sex

    Hard Boiled? May be he preferred Hard Boiled!.......Hat -coat- gone.
  11. Thunder and lightning. Hi and welcome. For some realy good photos and information, try www.australiansevereweather.com This is set up by a couple of storm chasers, and they have some good video and an awful lot of photos. Good luck with the project.
  12. 1946

    Gripe Sheet

    So, a mortician is a dead moth who had a bad case of the sneezes!
  13. Old joke (blond) This has been around a while. New York blond goes into a bank, asks for the manager, whom she then asks if she can have a loan of $5,000. The manager rightly asks for security on the loan, to which she offers her near new Rolls Royce. He said are you shure, as the car is worth more than the loan by a great amount. Yes said the woman as she handed over the keys, and took the $5,000 loan. The manager had his assistant park the car is the secure car park beloing to the bank. Five weeks later she returns, asks for the manager, duly pays back the loan, plus $50.00 intrest,
  14. 1946

    NPRM Part 0

    CASA policy. I thought every one knew the policy of CASA "Where there is confusion there is profit."
  15. ASIC Cost gone up As of Monday the 3rd September the cost of the ASIC card rose another $40.00, CASA Charge is $195.00 and Aviation ID in Merimbula is $182.00. This all due to the @#$69&* goverment placing a surcharge on the processing of the cards. I have no idea of the turnaround times for either place but if the inital experience with CASA is any thing to go by, applied in May, received on the final days of December, backdated to October of that year, so instead of the full 24month I was suposed to get, I got 21 instead, but still had to pay the full amount, money grabbing or what.
  16. Late evening Rosie the Auster out for a late evening stroll.
  17. Aircraft photo A photo of 'Rosie' VH-AIK. First flight 31-12-46 as G-AIGL imported to Aus. 1952
  18. Hi to all, Just joined. As by the tital you see I own an Auster which I have just spent the last few years re-furbishing. It is a very orignal J1 still with the 100hp Blackburn Cirrus Minor, and dates back to 1946, hence the log in name. Have been flying on and off since 1972, not many hours, but enjoy all aircraft. Rob.
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