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  1. boleropilot

    Silly Aviation Pictures

    thank god, I thought no one was reading my posts....and yeah Pete, I reckon it's a great idea, not sure it will affect the aerodynamics of the Drifter but... considering the Drifter has the aerodynamic properties of a brick with a spare tractor tyre attached, probably not much? btw, do you think that cable ties for the easy entry system will be OK? BP
  2. boleropilot

    D shackles for WB cables

    going over my old posts - apologies to HITC and M61 for not thanking ya's for your responses - thanks guys, much appreciated BP
  3. boleropilot

    Silly Aviation Pictures

    wow 57 views and not a single reply - have I upset some people by my weird sense of humour?
  4. boleropilot

    Throttle Cable Set Required

    g'day Sandy, yeah I did get in contact with Glen but my emails went nowhere, finally got an answer, not sure if I'll go with the quote of around $250...
  5. boleropilot

    Silly Aviation Pictures

    youse guys n gals might want to slip over to the silly aviation pix - ah what the hell, I'll post them here too - my Drifter modifications are in response to a female friend who stated she would not fly in my Drifter because it was too 'basic" she complained that it would be hard to get into, and that when she flies quaintarse she has a entertainment unit on the headrest in front of her - but she did mention it was a pain not being able to use her phone mid flight - ha! fixed that didn't I.... can't wait to hear what Kiwi thinks of my modifications...
  6. boleropilot

    Throttle Cable Set Required

    thanks m8, much appreciated. the quote I got from an "aircraft engineering" company is $250, of which $110 is "engineer" labour. my initial thought was that it was a bit high but in all fairness it's probably about right (with the bonus of being "aircraft" quality...) BP
  7. boleropilot

    Throttle Cable Set Required

    well a set from my point of view is a pair of cables, for a 582 fitted with the oil injection pump (I have one but it's not on this motor) there would be another cable for that I'll talk to the guys at the motorcycle shops in Ipswich, they might be able to help cheers BP
  8. boleropilot

    Throttle Cable Set Required

    G'day youse mob, during the inspections during refurb the throttle cables were found to have worn inners and a couple of broken threads on the inners, so a complete new set is required - does anybody know of a set available, or a builder who can make up a set for me? BP
  9. I was at Amberley when the RAAF was flying these beasties (while waiting for the F-111s to arrive) - imagine what the Canberra pilots felt when they strapped one of these machines on....check out the records achieved by Phantoms (bottom of page - aviation history website)
  10. yep: F-4A (F4H-1F) changes were a leading edge flap boundary layer air control system first used on the 5th preproduction aircraft and blown flaps introduced on the 7th preproduction aircraft.11 The wing leading edges and trailing edge flaps were blown by high-pressure bleed air from the engine compressors, which produced a thin layer of air which helped keep airflow attached at high angles of attack. from website: http://www.aviation-history.com/mcdonnell/f4.html BP
  11. Yeah my paragliding instructor was the one who first taught me the techniques for landing 'on the spot' - no chance of a go around in a paraglider (unless you jag a low save, but that's never going to happen - just ask Murphy) One of the big things both my paraglider and ultralight instructors drummed into me was to never turn your back on your intended landing point - not much fun when you're committed and stressed, then after a 360 you can't see your chosen spot My little airfield at Woolooman has hills all around and is a bit short, so Kiwi suggested I approach from overhead and then spiral down - that way I will always be within glide of the 'field Great thing about Drifters of course is they sideslip like a demon and drop like a brick in the process - seriously thinking about installing disc brakes for a better chance of avoiding the fence at the South end of the 'field - I'd ground loop before I got too close anyway... On the subject of getting from the end of Downwind to touchdown, there has been quite a lot of discussion on this forum about the 'military' style turn = one big 180 degree descending turn - pros and cons with this option but more pros than cons I think btw, re the air blown over the flaps on the jap seaplane, if I remember correctly the F4 Phantoms had a similar system to maintain boundary layer over the flaps? BP
  12. boleropilot

    My new drifter

    G'day Greg, how's the resto going m8? I'm close to getting my refurbed prop back, still trying to source a set of throttle cables. Hoping to be in the air again by the end of June? BP
  13. boleropilot

    Drifter near Flinders Peak Today

    Heard then saw a Drifter climbing just South of Flinders Peak this morning, about 1100, going West to East - anybody I know? BP
  14. hey Bill, have you heard of Pastafarians? We (I'm a member of that religious group) believe (it's in our Bible) that the increase in global warming has been caused by a reduction in the number of pirates (real pirates, not those modern wanna bees). In our Bible there is a graph - one line shows (over the past 200 years) the decrease in the number of pirates - the other line shows the increase in global warming over the same period - irrefutable proof!!!!! BP
  15. hey Bill - the T shirt I'm wearing has a big row of animals across the top - horses, dogs, cats, even some pigs and goats in there - the text across the top says "There's room for all God's Creatures" down the bottom it says "Right next to the Mashed Potatoes" and let me tell you, I really know when I bump into a vegan when I wear this one to town....... PC? Not as long as my arze points to the ground.......... BP