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  1. nobody has mentioned the E word - would have to be an option, albeit not a cheap one I'm surprised nobody has made a comment about the video of my "scary" airfield....used only for RC aircraft now, probably better suited to that really - yes, the Drifter has been sold - needed a LOT of recon work BP
  2. haven't been typing here for some time due to some unforeseen dramas in my life - my apologies to those who asked for info and photos of 0455, never got around to sorting that and (as expected) 0455 sold to the first lookers the price was reduced due to sailcloth degradation but the new owners (3 young blokes - well, young at heart!!!) are now busily restoring 0455 in the same hangar at least I can still 'fly' the lil' beasty on my computer....cheers for now, I'll try to keep in touch - with some of the 0455 funds being spent on a car hoist, work on the Renaults will be going ahead in leaps and bounds cheers BP
  3. I've got one I took off a 582 that might fit - only bought a new one because the old one had been unused on acft for 4 years The Mikuni Oz guys are good, but a rebuild kit costs a fair bit so I just bought a new one - all the interior parts on the old one are intact - but.... Happy to post this one to ya - PM me if ya want it m8 BP
  4. I saw a doco about an aircraft that crashed after takeoff when the flightcrew lost control of the aircraft due to multiple 'instrument failures' it was a classic Swiss cheese accident - they took off at night and flew out to sea, so no horizon or lights on the ground to help them a 'new' ground worker had covered the pitot ports before the aircraft was pressure washed he didn't know he was supposed to use orange sticky tape only, not silver (the same colour as the fuselage) his supervisor called in sick and there was nobody to replace him, so the new aircraft washer didn't have anyone to check his work the first officer did a walk around with a torch before the flight but didn't notice the covered pitot port due to the silver tape no survivors BP
  5. just checked the link, it takes you to the home page - you'll have to click Products, then Flight Simulator X, then scroll through a bit...
  6. btw Kyle, you wanna try turbulence, try my Drifter on a hot January day - blue up = good, blue up = good, oops, blue is down, what just happened? oh - big thermal - bugger !!! BP
  7. wow you're in luck (I think) - not sure if this is close enough to your real life aircraft but Carenado is a prolific developer of FSX aircraft and their products are brilliant (and well priced) I have a couple of their aircraft in my virtual hangar and I can recommend them unreservedly - any help you need with setting up a flightsim system, let me know, happy to help and No it's not the real thing (doh), lot's of flightsim haters out there...I 'flew' a trip from Boonah to Lismore a few times before the real flight and it was a real eye opener for me BP Carenado.com
  8. have a think about 'flying' the route with a flight simulator before you go - FSX combined with a good quality scenery mesh will give you extremely good information navigation wise as far as weather is concerned, you can choose any weather for the sim flight, or on any day with similar weather to your expected flight you can do the 'flight' with real-time weather to get some kind of accurate aircraft response to the conditions you would also need to get a payware aircraft - I'm going to do a search now to see if I can find one for ya... BP
  9. I was checking out a Jabiru in a hangar the other day and noticed a little bit of mud near the propellor hub - had a closer look and discovered a HUGE mud wasp nest, hidden very carefully in and around the hub. if it were missed during pre-flight I reckon it would have caused massive imbalance, hopefully it would have been felt as soon as the motor started the Jabiru obviously hadn't been flown in some time - I left a note on the dash advising the pilot and suggesting he check the rest of the aircraft before slipping any surly bonds.... BP
  10. hey Bruce, if you married Mrs Ten, and you decided to keep both names hyphenated, you'd be Bruce Tuncks-Ten what would you call your children ?????
  11. one of the best T shirts I ever saw had this printed on the front: IF ITS TOO LOUD, YOUR TOO OLD in my opinion, he may just as well have worn a T shirt that pronounced: I'M AN IDIOT, I CAN'T SPELL AND NEITHER CAN THE IDIOTS WHO MADE THIS T SHIRT BP
  12. 'someone' noticed I was not co-ordinating my turns correctly - he showed me what happens (in a Drifter) when you wash off speed in an un-coordinated climbing turn (as you could do climbing away after a take-off) the Drifter virtually flicked inverted and it took 700 feet for a full recovery - and then he said "now imagine what would happen if you did that at 500 feet in the circuit, David" as an instructor he is a demon on airspeed and co-ordination in turns, which may be something to do with the fact that I'm still here.....which brings me to this: did anyone else notice the article in the latest Sport Pilot magazine, where it was stated in an aircraft flight review: "The instrument panel is missing a balance ball so you can never be flying out of balance, or indeed in balance". this is obviously a flippant comment, but I do wonder about the lack of balance information being communicated to the pilot This was in relation to a pusher prop aircraft, so (as per on Drifters) the little piece of red wool taped to the bottom of the 'screen gives you all the info you need as far as 'balance' is concerned...
  13. BRM came up with an idea for their Formula One motor - a H16 - basically two flat 8s on top of one another....not competitive, too heavy, too complicated, but wow, what a motor... BP
  14. So there I was, flying along with my subordinate who happened to have conjunctivitis, and a connector failed on the aircraft, like, and, like, we had an injun failure, and, like, I was so confused I forgot to call Finals So then I realised there was only ONE final, like, ONE Downwind, ONE Base, and ONE Final, and then I got really confused and dint keep my speed up and we stalled and all they found was the wreckage and a fibula... I'm just sayin"...... BP
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