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  1. I’ve been caught in a situation like this in a thruster many years ago luckily someone heard us coming in and put car lights on the Strip there was plenty of light at 500ft but nothing at ground level asi hard to read as no dash lighting
  2. Not to forget Rotors on the lee side of hills Nev probably wouldn't worry sail boats but aircraft close to stall speed and low to the ground something to be wary of.
  3. I think the term for some of it is polycyclic aromatics
  4. A trap for us all to remember not just over water many pilots have been killed flying up dead end valleys from the beginning of Aviation NTSB Releases Final Report in Fatal Icon A5 Accident
  5. Being an aircraft engine as in all interference fits od of bush and ID of rod should have been checked and known
  6. At least she's had a fly in a Jab how many of the other muppets can say the same
  7. They use to use ACL Pistons which are good quality but are expansion controlled and made for water cooled engines not sure what brand is used now .
  8. Good job I wonder if he ever found the prop and what failed shaft or bolts I'm guessing it's a 912 rotax
  9. When I first started flying I used to think it was fun flying up through holes in cloud cover and finding another to get back down I don't do that now in fact I've found vfr into imc conditions to be the Most unforgiving situation a vfr pilot can get himself into
  10. No idea just put it out there for comment enlighten me oscar
  11. The fact remains most people I know would rather fly around with a 912 with 1500hrs on it than a Jab with 500 on it
  12. No not an apple it was a woman and they're still doing it till this day lol
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