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  1. Cheers eighty knots - I must admit, having another Savannah in the hangar, and two others very close, not to mention having already built one, all made it a whole lot easier than someone building in isolation. Even so, we made a few cockups, usually because we couldnt follow the instructions so just worked it out for ourselves and we didnt always get it right. I was determined to get it as light as possible, so left out the adjustable seats, (the new factory cushion seats are brilliant so if you are tall it is actually more comfortable without the metal seats. We only painted parts of the airc
  2. Well ZK-SGC is now finished, passed its CAA inspection this morning and test-flew this afternoon. It took 6 months - two of us working 3 days a week ( I calculate it at 850 hours) Only minor issues along the way - the worst being 2 factory tank fittings which both leaked - requiring deriveting of the tank covers (both sides). On a number of occasions we thought bits were missing, only to find them eventually. However the instruction book left out the section relating to the extra fuel tanks, and that caused us some puzzlement until we checked the book for another aircraft and found the relevan
  3. Hi F10 - I flew the Supercat a couple of times - decided it wasnt quite what I was looking for and sold it. A pure fun machine - should only be flown in reasonably good conditions but no real vices that I could discern. No issues with rudder or elevator response.
  4. We have extra cushions to get up as high as possible in the seat and then find we cannot get enough leverage on the door handle to pull the door in and turn it at the same time - need to redesign the door handle - perhaps using the factory-supplied handle..
  5. Ray Corbett (the local Savannah guru) designed a system with rods front and rear. Works well but could be improved to make it easier to close when seated.
  6. The build is going really well - after 2 months working 3 days a week the airframe is almost finished, a 700 hr Rotax 912S has been sourced, the E-prop arrived a few weeks ago (thanks Mark) - incidentally another Savannah owner here liked the look of the E-prop so much he immediately ordered one, fitted it the day it arrived, and reports significant improvement over the Kiev he had mounted previously - cruise up 6-7 knots, similar takeoff performance, quieter, less vibration, etc, etc. My query is, what has everyone done about the door-opening mechanism? The factory setup is less than sat
  7. As I recall 10-12 ft/lbs was the correct torque - and they do require re-torquing at least every 12 months.
  8. Hi Dan - thanks for your comments. I have had some experience with building aircraft so not entirely ignorant of the consequences of enlarging rivet holes. However I would be surprised if any builder did not have to gently tidy up holes on occasion to make the rivet go in. Like others, I have found a set of awls invaluable in helping to align the holes where necessary. Interestingly, while reading one of Ibob's very informative posts I noticed a response from you in relation to the undercarriage brackets, which tend to require a bit of either brute force or adjustment to make them line up with
  9. Just finished a Savannah S build in February (ZK-SOX) - a total of 15 months to completion with 3 of us working on it somewhat sporadically around our other commitments and was so pleased with it (flys beautifully and no mods were needed after the test flight) I decided to build another one. We started last week, 2 of us this time, we have so far put in 4 days work, and have completed fin, rudder, horizontal stab, and elevator almost done. Its a lot quicker second time around. The major delay with the first one was the time spent looking for bits - this time we were much better organised - we
  10. I have used PVC pipe cement - obtainable from hardware stores - made by Marley from memory. It dilutes with MEK just like the fabric cement and works well. I'm no chemist, but it seems to have the same properties. No doubt the purists would frown on it, but for a patch I'm sure it would be ok.
  11. Yes - they are pretty user-friendly - Phil Perry is right - the accidents which have occurred have happened because the pilot got too slow turning on to final. The later wing is much-improved from the earlier options. However they do take some time to build - most part-timers would take at least a year.
  12. I have an Alpi 200 Pioneer at present - lovely aircraft, but the rough strips I tend to use have given the U/C a hammering and its just not handling them. I'm looking at doing a Nynja kit sometime soon - it was a choice between the Nynja and the Savannah, but the shorter build time of the Nynja clinched it and I have previously built the early model which went together very well. Looks to me from the website that the kit is now much more complete. I am hoping that there is an option to cover the control surfaces in ceconite rather than dacron - is this possible? As far as performance goes - ca
  13. I had a Skyranger with the Simonini Victor 2 (rated at 92 hp). Based on my experience with the engine I would not buy one again, Yes - the claimed hp figures are dubious at best, the claimed fuel consumption figures are a joke ( I normally used 15-17 l/hr at slow cruise). the gearbox had several faults which we discovered before any real damage was done, the heads had not been properly torqued, causing a blown head, vibration was a major issue ( somewhat improved by fitting a 3-blade prop), noise was also an issue - even with an ANR headset. Oh, and because it had to be installed upside-down,
  14. Not only has the site been down at regular intervals but it seems they aren't interested when you tell them they have scam ads on the site. There is obviously no scrutiny carried out.
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