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  1. A few years ago there were lectures being held, but I can't recall whether it was by the AUF or SAAA, at one of their annual fly-ins, where suitably interested wives were given basic instruction on the basics of how to get down in this very event. And from memory it was very well received and attended.
  2. OK is spot on. I have done that exact route and it is a lovely way to travel, safer plus less chance of a hassle if the weather isn't quite as predicted.
  3. Birdsy, I've been up in the Snowy Mountains for a few days and have not seen any lenticulars, so it looks to me like it may be a little too early. The strong westerlies usually come through about August.
  4. A nice promotional article for the group over there, however this is really nothing ground breaking as that wave has been soared for years when the westerlies kick in and conditions are right.
  5. G'day Wayne, I built a J230 and recorded most of it here, see "J230 @ YSWG" and hope that there might be something there that helps. Regards Geoff
  6. G'day Tink. I was down there Thursday for the day. When did you go? Regards Geoff
  7. I thought Deborah L Waypoint was HOT and was about to ask her to meet me for a drink. I feel used.
  8. "Plenty of owners don't have trouble." ........................... now which bridge and strap this GoPro on please. Just joke'n .......... as we all love you like a sister. I have never indicated that 6 channel monitoring would save any engine, but I know with me that it certainly led me to higher speed climbing and no power-off descents.
  9. Motza You may have had bad experience(s), but I consider it ridiculous for you to indicate that all 3300's will grenade. That is just plain untrue and there are still many owners who haven't had your issues. Could J have done lots of things better? Too right they could have, and I hope they still do. (If mine had needed the heads to come off I was going to then replace all valves with high quality motorcycle racing valves). Was the CASA Fatwa clumsily heavy handed and did it lack any commercial sensitivity? Too right it did. But this feeding frenzy is building up to unreasonable proportions with a number of Rotax owners seeing blood in the water and appearing to take a bite while gloating, and other non-J owners having a nice old unobjective dig. Regards Geoff
  10. I had no trouble arriving at what was really an engineering decision to fit 6 X CHT's and 6 X EGT's to allow me to best understand and manage my 3300. If others are incapable of making such a decision that is their issue. Mind you, I may have been wrong in arranging to do that, but I still feel that this is essential and would do the same thing with a 912/914 or any other engine in order to monitor any short & long term changes and trends in order to pick up issues early.
  11. So when "Keith Page" signs off as KP, is he really meaning to type MB? And if Keith is starting this thread by including criticism of Staff and some current Board members, and if Keith Page is really a disguise or mouthpiece for Myles Breitkruetz, the disenfranchised former board member who has also made some noises about starting an organisation to take members away from RAA, then I think that Keith should consider coming clean. On issues such as this where RAA Staff and Board Members are being criticised by non specific innuendo, I think forum members are entitled to know who is who in the zoo. Over to you Keith.
  12. He was squawking an illegitimate transponder code too.
  13. Keith, You opened this thread by saying "I have heard some snippets of information being bandied about, ........... and if it is true .........." and now you say that you have "..... some good information ......". That indicates vast differences in veracity to me, so which is it, good accurate info or scuttlebutt? And I disagree a little with Turbo here. I reckon that it is quite appropriate for RAA Staff to have a chat with members who are doing the wrong thing and correct them in a more or less convivial way (if that member is receptive to such a chat). RAA staff should go out of their way not to adopt the CASA chip-on-the-shoulder, high-handed, wanka, mine-doesn't-stink approach to encouraging or requiring RAA members to comply with the Regs. Regards Geoff
  14. I've had eagles in a thermal here at 10,000 to 15,000 ft. The worst danger are pelicans in my opinion. On a day with plenty of lift, they will cruise in a group at 10,000 ft or more between the centre and the coast.
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