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  3. There is a lot more you need to do before ppl RPC is equivalent to RPL only Once you have your rpl you must pass both the rpl and ppl exams before you can book a ppl flight test regardless of what you have done in RAA There is a lot of extras covered in PPL that will be tested that arent in RPC or RPL so you need additional flight training You will also need to train in controlled airspace for PPL There was a very honest thread a while back from someone that had gone from RPC to PPL and the extra learning they had to do. But to answer what i expect your question is, there is nothing stopping you going for your ppl without attaining your rpl but you will be doing the same things anyway eg. flight training and exams the only thing you will save is an rpl flight test (which would be a good investment anyway so you are used to the format for when you do your ppl test).
  4. anyone know where to buy a decently priced 37 degree flaring tool for aluminium fuel lines? are these any good? https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Tool-W80671-Degree-Flaring/dp/B004C18U00?th=1 Thanks Nick
  5. Not sure how much room you have but here is how i did my spars.... The bucking bar i did a bit different as there is plenty of access for the spar i actually used a 3 pound club hammer like this one http://shop.g-gibson.com/ekmps/shops/ggibson/images/4lb-masons-club-hammer-[3]-592-p.gif as the bucking bar setup in vice at the right height so i didn't have to hold it and could move the spar along the table to rivet it. The extra weight of the hammer worked really well i also used snap-socs which worked well when i was starting to avoid smiley faces. For the number 5 rivets the rivet gun dial was set to the 4 position and the air compressor at 95 psi when being used ( i wrote it down when i found the best pressure) For the number 6 rivets i increased the air pressure to about 105 psi These were for number 5 and 6 rivets so the 1/8 or 4's you are doing should only take 2 short bursts with a 3x rivet gun set up properly. I know i had a pic somewhere .................
  6. these guys will have them for about $14 + postage in australia Henchman Products Pty Ltd I think i have one but postage wont be much less then buying one from these guys Thanks Nick
  7. so how is this different from buying a used experimental registered aircraft from someone? Basically instead of paying them to build it you agree to buy it when it is completed and tested for a certain price i don't see any issue with this in theory? In practice it would be enormously cheaper and easier to buy one already on the market
  8. Thanks Guys just for future reference: Called performance metals and rod went out of his way to suggest possible suppliers Called central vic aluminium again wendy there was over the top helpful trying to suggest alternatives Aerospace Materials Price: $ 67.50 per ft for 2024 Calm aluminium - didnt return my call after speaking to them so no idea Ended up with skyshop which again were over the top helpful and easy to deal with, they had an order coming in next week and will be shipping my order with that $6 a foot for 6061 delivered to aus pick up from their store (i couriered it but for a comparison i did store pick up price) The bending idea sounds interesting, but very happy with skyshop Nick
  9. Just called airport metals and they are no longer stocking 6061 angle, seems to be a lot of changes happening there unfortunately. Does anyone know of any other stockist in Australia for 6061 angle. I am particularly looking for 1.5 x 1 x .125 " lengths eg. 3mm there seems to be a few stocking 6mm (.25) but no one has 3mm. Thanks Nick
  10. Got a quick response phone call from casa which cleared it all up they were great: To gain your RPL(A) licence, you need to pass either a BAK(A) exams (which is conducted by your flying school) OR the CASA exam called RPLA. To gain your PPL(A) licence, you need to pass: · either a BAK(A) exams (which is conducted by your flying school) OR the CASA exam called RPLA; and · CASA’s PPLA theory exam. So for all licences, the ra-aus certificate (they will accept the RPL exam as BAK), RPL or PPL you need to do the RPL or internal BAK exam, so now i can study for the RPL exam knowing it will be needed for whichever licence i end up going for and not wasted if i change my mind, then i will need to do an extra exam for navs in whichever licence i go for. not confused any more.
  11. I have sent a query to casa to see if they can clarify, i will feedback when i hear from them......
  12. just read this in the casa website, A pass in BAK, either BAK(A) or BAK(H), is no longer a pre-requisite for a candidate to sit their PPL or CPL theory exams. However, a pass in BAK of the relevant category, must be obtained prior to either a PPL or CPL flight test. Introduction to new pilot licensing regulations | Civil Aviation Safety Authority So does this mean even if i do ground school prior to flight training and pass my ppl exam i need to subsequently sit the bak exam before i can have my ppl flight test? Is the rpl exam equivalant to the bak exam or is this different and you still have to sit the flight schools bak exam even if i do the rpl exam? confused again......
  13. Just a follow up question are VOR, ADF and VDF still part of the PPL test? my texts that i am studying still have them but assume gnss would be more relevant?
  14. Thanks Kununurra I havent absolutely decided on the end game for which licence i may get either ra-aus and later get rpl/ppl or staright to ppl but have time to self study for exams at the moment so was hoping i could cross off the exam components. Hence if i do the highest requirement exam ppl will this mean i don't have to do the rpl or ra-aus bak exams if i end up only doing these licences?
  15. Just looking at studying for my bak/ ppl exam while not flying at the moment and wondering which one to do? I am intending to get the ppl but if i sit the casa ppl exam does will this also cover the rpl exam and ra-aus bak exam or will i have to also do these if i end up not doing ppl and only doing rpl or ra-aus? Thanks Nick
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