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  1. nice, what scenery package are you using for Perth?
  2. Hi Phil I've been training out there too, just done a few hrs this weekend, got 1 more hour solo to go then flight test and am going straight into Navs. Started in April and around 30hrs all up now but that also includes my conversion to the J230 from the 160 as I want to do the navs in the big Bird. Positive experience all round, no complaints except for the weather at times but haven't figured out who to complain to yet....;) Maybe I 'll catch you out there sometime..have fun!
  3. Well Done :) Great feeling, just did my first area solo and must say the nerves were more so than for my first (cct) solo, but all nerves went as soon as I buried the throttle on takeoff, thoroughly enjoyed - now just to get those solo hrs up to take the flight test.... Enjoy - this flying thing is just awesome :big_grin:
  4. Nice, am chomping at the bit for the air race myself, live\work in the south perth area so come thursday it will be tough sitting indoors with the buzzing happening outside for practice... have my handheld radio (last year's frequency's: Red Bull Shuttle 162.4500 Red Bull Tower 120.8500 Red Bull Tower 127.9000 ) to tune in which makes it much more interesting too. I think it's broadcast on a local fm station too( with commentary etc), not sure which. Wyalkatchem is a great airstrip for training I think, 1500m sealed bitumen with 2 - 600m (approx)dirt cross strips, flat open coun
  5. So there I was, Saturday morning in the supermarket, slight hangover trying to claw back some Brownee points from the missus (else you wouldn't find me within 10 miles of a shopping mall on a saturday morning), with my head in the clouds. Crabbing my shopping trolley down the "centreline" of the aisle, visualising the landing point and compensating for the xwind, then kick her straight and wing down into wind to stop the drift,(flair somewhere in there too) successful xwind landing... err time to backtrack runway to collect unimpressed missus with armfull of groceries...:hittinghead: Tragic
  6. Not sure if I would cross the country for it but have been lucky to be living within walking distance of the foreshore last couple of years, hard to stay home when you hear the planes buzzing for an aviation nut such as myself :) (just guessing but could be in similar company on this forum) Also worth having a handheld to listen on the local redbull frequency - gives you another side of it - practise is also great to watch in the days leading up to the race..
  7. :thumb_up:thanks guys-yep had quite a few crosswind sessions so far,just the way the weather has played out, but am slowly getting the hang of c/wind landings - instructors hands not drifting towards the stick so often anymore - think he's getting bored ;)..nah I'll get there soon..
  8. Went Solo Saturday, been ready for a couple of weeks but weather hasn't been playing along, suddenly wind straight down the main runway, maybe 7 or 8 knots, sweet, jumped in for a couple of circuits with instructor, said he'd seen enough, filled up with some fuel and off I went, Jab flies so much better 1 up doesn't it :) Landing was good, great day and to top it off I passed the radio exam too before I left, so all exams out of the way now (except for Navs) Really enjoying this flying thing:big_grin::big_grin:
  9. Well done on the result there :) Isn't the pre solo exam 40 questions? I got 39/40 so that would be about 98% rounded off..would've sat the bak exam this wknd too but my car stopped me from getting out there argh so frustrating, and to top it off the weather is absolutely perfect to get some flying in - just to rub it in...
  10. Hey Simon:welcome: Same, did the stalls lesson in a J230 on Friday, thought I might need brown undies before we did it, but was so gentle , bit disapponted actually;) S'pose the idea is to recognise the stall before its fully developed and be able to recover...anyway also looking fwd to finishing the training, aiming for about two hours a week - loving it, finding it hard to concentrate on work...
  11. Hi All Went for lesson number 1 in a J-160 yesterday, realising the dream :) Hope to learn lots on here too. Always been a passenger (and a handy autopilot in hindsight whilst pilot did more important things like sending txt mesages or sorting his playlist on the mp3 player ) Now its my turn...
  12. mAgNeToDrOp

    Wolfe Air Reel

    From the album: mAgNeToDrOp

    These shots were filmed in close formation with the Vectorvision camera system installed in the highly modified Wolfe Air LearJet 25. Cameras used are the Red Epic and Arriflex Alexa. Wolfe Air Project Coordinator: Beth Miles Wolfe Air Pilots: Craig Hosking, Ace Beall, Kevin LaRosa, Kevin LaRosa J
  13. From the album: mAgNeToDrOp

    Great video I saw on youtube, just the type of flying I'd love to do.
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